Pregnancy Reality - A Candid Post!

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Being pregnant is an interesting time. Your body goes through so many physical changes, your emotions go through a roller coaster ride, and it can be exhilarating and also exhausting.

There are times when you look down or into a mirror and hate what you see. You feel fat, ugly, heavy, wide, saggy, swollen, uncomfortable, and just hate your body. And then, there are times when look at yourself and you see a miracle. A physical transformation that is so incredible and was incomprehensible to you before you actually got pregnant. It is difficult to explain to anybody else who has never experienced it before. And everyday, every moment is different.

Here is me, checking out my belly!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited, nervous, scared, ecstatic, confused, worried and so many other emotions. And like a lot of first time moms, I had a lot of questions. Questions about what I could or could not do. What was allowed and what was not. What could I eat and what was off limits. What could I do and what could I not do. Was my life going to change completely and would I lose my freedoms before the baby even came out?!

Here is me, when my belly is big enough to hold a cup!

After consulting with doctors and experts, I started to realize that there is a lot more that pregnant women can do than can't do. And yes, my life is going to change completely; and yes, I don't have a lot of mobility and freedoms when I am pregnant.

Here is me, when my belly grew bigger to hold a bowl!

Here are some of the fun facts, not intended to gross you out, but intended to let the whole wide world to know what we go through and how we lose all modesty at times:

  • you pee yourself when you sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard
  • you fart loudly in public (but I don't even blink an eye)
  • you sit on a chair with your legs wide open to accommodate the belly (I don't even care who could see my underwear)

And the list goes on... I don't like to sugar coat everything or to make people think I have everything under control. In fact, I look at it as my duty to share with future moms that it is okay not to have a perfect pregnancy journey. And, more importantly, it is not true that pregnancy is all pretty and rainbow! This way, you won't feel alone!

Here is me, when my tummy is finally big enough to hold a big plate!

But, of course, with all the challenges, you also gain courage. Pregnancy is indeed an experience of a lifetime. And, I am constantly amazed that I am carrying a baby made by me and my husband, which is simply a miracle.

Baby, mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you and get to know you soon! And, I hope life will teach me and my husband how to transition into our next phrase of life and make it a wonderful journey for our family!


This is a beautiful post @steemit-foodie... intimate and insightful... I love the photos too! :-)

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