Eye color in the child.

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Determines the eye colour of the child's genetics and nothing except it. This science allows you to at least some percentage, to learn a lot about your baby, how it will look, and even what diseases will inherit. But for sure 100%, unfortunately, mom and dad will not be able to find blue, hazel, or green eyes you will see adorable tiny.

The eye color of a newborn baby
All babies are born with blue eyes. And this is not a myth, although there is a percentage of kids who are born with a dark iris. All depends on the amount of melanin – the pigment that gives our skin a beautiful brown shade and his eyes a dark chocolate color. Children, being born, melanin practically do not have (there is a very small amount of pigment), so the light color of the skin and blue eyes – the norm and standard. Although, if both parents are dark and all dark-eyed family, the child may be born with eyes light brown as they have greater amount of pigment in the iris than blue-eyed. Over time, melanin appears and accumulates more and more in the iris, and they can change their color.
There are exceptions, for example, if the pigment is missing completely, the baby can be born with red eyes, like albinos, because its capillaries are fully visible. Another exception is the disease of heterochromia, in this case, the baby will be born with eyes of different colors, for example, one gray, another green-brown.

When you change the eye color of the child
Due to genetic data, many kids change the shade of the eye in favor of the one laid by the parents (the dominant gene of one of the parents). Or rather, he changes himself, at the age of about 9 months, sometimes earlier, but mostly later.
The exact and final eye color of the child can be seen at the age of two years. Have some toddlers eyes can darken even in three – four years. Known cases that are already in adulthood, in school, for example, children have acquired a different eye color, with bright blue irises they turned into brown eyes. When you accumulate enough melanin, then the eyes and to determine the color.
In General, the color of the eye determines genetics, but if we talk about the shade itself, here plays the role of the amount of melanin in the iris, how much more or less it depends on blue, green, or brown color will be in the child.

What will be the eye color of the child
Not necessarily the eye color can vary from gray to brown. Even if the parents are proud owners of dark brown eyes, the baby can inherit a light shade from distant relatives, for example, great-grandparents. Genetic tests, tests and tasks can, though not 100%, can reveal the mystery of what eye color the child will be after birth.
It all depends on what color your eyes are from my parents. In their DNA, there are dominant and recessive genes that are responsible for eye color and other things, so the gene of the dark shade of the iris is dominant, that is, the winner, he is stronger, and therefore easily wins recessive, weak gene of bright eyes, blue or light green.
There are exceptions, when both parents brown-eyed, but the child is the opposite – has a bright hue to the eye. This is not surprising, as genes are mixed generations, and one gene can be lost, and to be in your baby. For example, when fair-skinned couple, dark-skinned baby is born, and having done all the genetic tests become clear, that in a family the parents, a few generations ago, was, for example, a dark-skinned great-great-grandfather.



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