B3 Will Safeguard Its Community

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B3 Will Safeguard Its Community


I am sitting here in my room watching Bitcoin Cash rising very rapidly and wondering to myself. Does the community really play a role in the decisions of BCH or BTC for that matter and if so is it really a consensus? Right now, if you do a transaction with BTC not only are the transaction fees costly but I noticed there are more and more unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin Block Explorer. It makes me ponder. Are the miners moving towards BCH right now and is that what is making the process even slower for BTC? My thoughts move towards B3 Coin and our community.


I live in Asia and I have limited choices of how I buy B3. I don't have a bank account and I don't have a credit card for that matter. There are a few choices of Visa cards coming to my area but for the most part. We buy with cash, convert it into BTC, send to the exchange and buy the coins of our choice. I really think that B3 is a very good and rare opportunity as I have written various articles on the matter and my reasons for holding this coin for the long term. I believe in the team, the community and the future. I also believe that B3 will safeguard its investors and community. I have a vision too. I want to focus on two important aspects here. Decentralized Exchange and Atomic Wallets.


Decreased Coin Supply

Decentralized Exchange

Atomic Wallets

Bitcore BTX https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcore/
BitCore   BTX Claiming Service.png

Bitsend BSD https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitsend/
https   bitsend.info.png

When I think about a B3 as a decentralized exchange. I will also include Bitcore and Bitsend in this equation. I will let you do your own research and look at what the B3 team has already completed and how those two coins relate to a massive decentralized exchange. Let me make this clear. These are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. No one has put these ideas in my head and maybe they will never come to fruition but here it is anyway. I see a massive decentralized exchange that trades not only B3 but other cryptocurrencies. Why? Because they see what this can become and how it will change the way cryptocurrency is transported, exchanged, and protected. This exchange will have a very unique payment platform and you can use a payment card from anywhere in the world. including any store. That means no more fiat. This exchange is bulletproof. Atomic swaps and all transactions on this Segwit exchange are instantaneous. Once you pick a coin you want to swap for B3 it goes into an atomic wallet which will mean your coins are protected making it impossible to be tampered with. No one will be able to break in, hijack or steal any coins ever. The B3 team feels strongly not only about being on the cutting edge but also in protecting its investors and therefore its community. I have also seen questions in the B3 General Chat about what does B3 stand for and does it have a meaning? I will take another shot. Even if I it's way off the mark. BTX, BSD, and now B3 which is the last and most important of all. It is the Bit-ultimate. It is the last and most valuable of the three and like a younger sibling. The developers have learned from any mistakes from the two eldest teens and are slowly fulfilling their vision and passion with B3 the youngest child who is starting to grow up. I will stop here as this is where my dream vision ends for now. What are your thoughts? What do you think the importance of B3 will be in the crypto-landscape moving forward? Will you hold B3 long term and why?

If you haven't already check out the B3 website and feel free to join us in our Discord chat.




As a fellow B3 investor, I appreciate you taking the time to put some of the community's current thoughts on paper. While it is true that there are a number of people participating in the community pools for the short term gains made possible by the current 10,000% staking bonus, I feel that the majority of the pool participants are in this for the long haul.

It will be a very interesting day indeed, four to six months from now, when my 110,000,000 B3 coins suddenly become worth a penny each. That will also be the day that a bunch of people say to themselves, "Man, I wish I hadn't sold my 10 million B3 for $10,000."

Sure, they only paid four or five hundred dollars and made a huge return over the course of a few weeks. In the end it'll be those of us who hold it long term that laugh all the way to the bank.

Hey brother. Great comments. I totally agree with your words. You have so much B3 friend. You will indeed be laughing all the way to the bank. Glad to have you as a fellow B3 investor. I hope I see you in the Discord chat.

yay B3!!! Hope the Team will really sink into this project! Ready to blast off?

Thanks for your comments. This team is absolutely the best in the cryptosphere!

Great post, I am looking forward to future developments.
I joined it recently!

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A friend of mine told me about B3. Did some research and got excited about this project. Now I'm passing it along to anyone who will listen. I've said it before... This one could be a game changer. It has everything that all the bitcoin forks are attempting to achieve... without the manipulation. Its transaction speed is 12x faster. Plus its premine, no ico, staking, masternodes, and more. The best of all worlds. I'll be reserving a master node for sure.

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