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Ayurveda, the ancient ‘science of life’ is catching the world by surprise with its amazing perks and living regime. As famous as it is in the west, Ayurveda still has its deeper roots in India. If you are someone who is willing to drink from this fountain of youth, then we are sure that these top 5 Ayurvedic yoga retreats will certainly help you.


Ayurveda works best in the company of nature. Embracing this popular virtue, the very old foundations of Ayurvedic retreat in India; Somatheeram is hitting the first spot on our list. Away from city lights, this retreat nestled amidst the hillocks offers a haven of placidity. The limitless green covers and the dedication towards this science of life make Somatheeram one of the front-runners in the land of holistic healing. Somatheeram resort in Kerala offers a full cosmic appetite, helping its visitors to feed their souls happy. Be it food, diet or even exercise, the resort takes cares of it all, making it an awe-inspiring experience altogether.
Treatment process: The treatment process here starts by detecting health problems. Problems which can be treated here can be range from an acute health condition like paralysis to fluctuating levels of blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, and breathing problems as well. This process is followed by a series of the corresponding healing exercises and diet regime which actually plays a vital role in bringing back the body to its absolute best. Somatheeram follows an extensive schedule that extends to day-long activities. Furthermore, other than the massages and ancient healing process, an Ayurvedic tour here also includes Yoga classes and boat tours in the backwaters.


With the panoramic pleasures of the placid Ganges on one side and the mighty mountains on the other stands a beautiful Ayurvedic retreat that aims to pamper your inner spiritual being with the tranquil treasures. Ananda, as its name suggests takes you on a spiritual journey that will bring solace to your mind and soul. This beautiful estate in Tehri-Garhwal features illustrious landscapes that add on to the pleasures of living here. Imagine waking up to a breathtaking view for a relaxing massage session while listening to the sounds of gushing water, sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?
The resort offers much more than just the delights of Ayurveda, here, you can enjoy the perks of golfing, hydrotherapy and also lip-smacking delicacies. Isn't that just amazing?
Treatment process: This Ayurvedic treatment on the laps of the Himalayas is a bit different from that in the south. That’s because of the climatic conditions that prevail here. Still, the resorts compensate for it by giving off other exclusive experiences such as Kama suites for couples and extensive Yoga sessions. The spa treatment here involves European and Thai styles. Furthermore, the Ayurvedic treatment takes place under the supervision of Physicians and therapists.


Goa is not just about parties and hippie culture; its spiritual roots are as strong as anything else in its territory. This state appreciates culture, art, and holistic living as much as it appreciates everything it is famous for. As a result of which it is emerging as a shining name on the maps of Ayurvedic tourism. If you are a fan of swaying palms, golden beaches, and tiding waters, then this Ayurvedic retreat will be the ideal place for you.

Devaaya Ayurveda Centre in Divar islands of Goa is one such place that lives by the rules of Naturopathy. Due to which the Panchkarma treatment works very efficiently here. It gives you the vibe of absolute bliss while your time spent here takes you on a whole new level of cosmic interaction. It is because of these interactions that the rekindling process of your mind and body completes successfully.

Treatment Process: Devaaya adopts Panchakarma treatment. In addition to which the diet plans, meditation, music, lifestyle correction counseling helps the process in achieving its goals. Your rejuvenating experience here will be ornamented by the fundamentals of ‘Vaastu Shastra’ too. So, paying a lot of attention to the process will help you big time.
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Playing big on the map of the Ayurvedic retreat is the picturesque town Palakkad that has dedicated itself to the power of Ayurveda. This beautiful retreat of the Western Ghat blooms in this territory and trusts us; its pleasures are more than just amazing. This recreational ground does not just believe in curing a problem but believes in eliminating the root cause of the issue.
Well, this is what Ayurveda is all about, isn't it? It offers the authentic wellness treatment with the perks of reconnecting with Mother Nature. Your stay here will be simple but filled with many amazing cosmic experiences.
Treatment Process: The Kairali Ayurveda Health Village offers services which are completely based on traditional and authentic Ayurvedic system of healing. The strict rules of the old-school Ayurveda practiced here make the process even more interesting. Do you think you can handle that? Top Indian destination experts can help you out here.


Everyone dreams to be able to feel like a royalty and healing yourself in a soothing ambiance during this experience is just a cherry on top. Do you dream about it too? Then, make it come true at 'The Leela' in Udaipur Rajasthan. Udaipur as a city is one of the blissful places in the country and with the added benefits of Ayurveda, its aura elevates to the summit. Book your Rajasthan tour now to witness the real charm.

The Leela involves traditional as well as fused methods of a holistic healing, paving way for a unique experience for its clients. The Leela’s ‘haveli’ style architecture adds the right amount stardust to the Ayurvedic experiences. Are you a fan of conversations? Then, trust us people out here will turn into your favorites.

Treatment Process: The Leela is about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic-like experiences. Here, in addition to Yoga and other recreational activities, you will experience some new ventures as well. The most popular out of which is the hot stone massage. Other than this, the facials, meditation, and yoga process are also very popular here.

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