A new life begins

in ayahuasca •  7 months ago

Being an Aires this is my birth month and more than that, I have been completely reborn this month.

Being on the road in Latin America for almost 3 months now, the number one thing I have learned from all the amazing Latino and indigenous people I was blessed to meet on this journey is to think with my heart rather than my mind. Our hearts know what’s best for us because their language is love. The language of the mind on the other hand is fear. Fear we have been taught by the domestication process that begins in our early childhood.

Although I was able to visit some of the most amazing places on this planet, most of the journey was painful as hell. I let go of so many negative subconscious beliefs about myself and mankind in general and I shed many kilos of emotional baggage.

For most of my life I was a prisoner of my domesticated mind and either living in nostalgia or anticipation of a better future but starting this journey with a 3 week ayahuasca retreat with the Shipibo people in the Peruvian amazon rain forest I ascended deep into the abyss of my own subconscious mind and radically sorted out everything that doesn’t serve me anymore.
Now I’m able to enjoy the present moment and enjoy the little pleasures in life like music and food and realised that not everything has to be super fuckin spectacular.

I have learned that there is no point to be afraid of death because firstly, when we die we go home, and secondly, if we don’t enjoy the present moment, we’re already dead!

As I walked along the Avenue of the Dead, towards the temple of Quetzalcóatl, crossing the San Juan River I let go of all that which is not me.

The energy at this sacred site outside of México City is amazing and absolutely recommendable for everyone who wants to die and awaken from the planet's dream of hell on earth (very grateful for the works of Don Miguel Ruiz).

I discovered the beauty of being human and appreciate all the ups and downs of it!
If I meet someone I like, I do not hesitate to tell them anymore because all I can do is to do my best every day from the minute I wake up in the morning. There is nothing to be lost by being honest with your fellow humans.

I appeal to everyone to feel your emotions in the moment they arise and to let go of your wounds of the past and start living right here, right now.

As I start my new life as my soul, I’ll stay in México, a beautiful country full of beautiful people. Here I will start living my divine purpose and spreading my love across the world!


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