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Ayahuasca and it's uses

When I was going through my Yoga Certification back in 2008, one of my instructors shared with me that the awareness point of the planet was moving away from Tibet and into Peru. At the time, I did not fully understand what she meant but as time went on and I learned about teaching plants in 2010 I finally came to see what she was telling me.

For many years, Tibet was a powerhouse that inspired the world in the sense of growing mindfulness as a spiritual practice. It lifted people up in various ways. It helped people out of depression, PTSD, self-defeating patterns, and more and it also helped us all reach higher levels of coherence/awareness. We started seeing a lot of that in the 60s with when the West started embracing Easter spiritual practices.

Now that we have established meditation, yoga, pranayama, and other Eastern practices as staples for human growth, we are seeing a big uprise on Entheogens and these are propelling the growth of awareness and our perspective on life.

We are also seeing a tremendous uprise on mental illnesses and I truly believe that Entheogens will play a very important role in understanding them and even, in some instances, helping people stabilize and cure them.

Ayahuasca was first discovered in the 16th century in South America. It is said that in the western slope of the Amazon basin there are over 700 different forms of preparing the Ayahuasca and that each indigenous culture that inhabits this vast territory has its own way of conceiving the Ayahuasca. This knowledge is rooted in the collective unconscious and is transmitted from generation to generation. According to studies carried out in the Amazon, the use of Ayahuasca has an approximate age of 5000 years.

Shamanism and Ayahuasca are disciplined ways to obtain healing, power and personal growth. It is based on the premise that Ayahuasca is not limited to working in a single reality, but acts in a magical world. In a dimension in which help is received: a reality full of beauty and harmony. We just have to keep our minds free of prejudice. This magical-religious dimension works from a perspective, that the irrational is the rational, and the invisible the visible.

How Ayahuasca is Used

Ayahuasca is used as a medicine, as a purifier and as a teacher. She is called a doctor because she cures; Teacher because she teaches, and Mother because she guides. Gives Power, Knowledge and Vision.

The medicinal properties of Ayahuasca are not only in the spiritual, but also in the physical. There are prerequisites before ingestion, such as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual preparation. The diet is essential: you must remain fasting at least 24 hours before the ceremony, it is important that the stomach is free of food because vomiting is frequent.
It is highly recommended to not consume alcohol, drugs, pickled or spicy foods, or have sex with a minimum of seven days before the ceremony. And it is absolutely important not to take any anti-depressants with a minimum of 30 days but ideally 3 months because these can interfere with the plant medicine and really create the only way you can get damage or death.

Ayahuasca opens the doors of perception and it goes to the deepest, oldest parts of your brain and helps you deal with any traumas you have experienced or any other issues you need to resolve. Ayahuasca is not a mere chemical relationship but a relationship of awareness and love. To be understood first you have to learn to feel its dimension, and as the shamans say, using the heart and not just the head. It is not somewhere out there, or the realm of imagination, but it is all here and now. What happens is the electromagnetic spectrum of light opens wider and you are able to see more than what you can on your normal state of awareness. This is vastly different from pure hallucinations or your imagination at work.

Each experience with ayahuasca is different from the other since many factors will influence the ceremony. For example, the plant medicine itself, the way it was cooked, the environment, your own personal mindframe, company, and more. It is of paramount importance to follow the diet as close as possible to make your end of the variables as clean as you can to have a positive experience with “La Madrecita.”

Have you had any experience with Ayahuasca? Let me know in the comments below!

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Nice post, beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

If you mind checking out my blog for latest posts and updats, @kingjan

any thoughts on dmt? i've tried it, and it was a mind blowing experience, the world seems to transform and feels like a program slowing down and the world pixelates... to say the least it was a wonderful and interesting experience that certainly helped to clear some mental blocks I had.

you just don't feel the same after it. it truly felt like breaking thru a perception of reality, and given what I saw/felt it was a good thing.

also tried acid, that too was an incredible experience that to this days feels like another world that I visited, seeing things almost felt like cartoon reality, but seeing flames on cd cover come to life... that was something that i will never forget. it really showed the power of our mind to create reality.


I have never had DMT on its own but my shamanic teacher told me it is very overrated. Hard to do a lot of work in 15 minutes. There are ways to expand that to 1.5hr and get work done. As far as taking people out of this very narrow awareness, its great, but not for much more. as you said, it breaks your perception of reality, which is important.

the power of the mind is super strong. yes i love your comment on LSD.

teaching plants are really different.

Ive tried rapé, Kambo, peyote and xhanga. I would lov to try ayahuasca. It's on my list of things to do this year.


then, you should definitely try it. life changing for sure.

"A Deep Dive Into The Soul" very deep.


I've been so interested in ayahuasca, but I have been labeled bipolar and am scared of what could happen.

I am informed that the kundalini of the Earth was moving from Tibet to Chile/Peru, yes - the book 'Serpent of Light' covers that tale - although in reality I don't have any evidence that that is true. Maybe I will visit and find out for myself.

I have never used Ayahuasca, but I know some who have and have studied it as best I can without using it. I did actually order some at one point but it never arrived. I have had a lot of experience with other compounds and have touched into the realities that I hear others describe that they vibrate into with the aya in them.

I feel that it is our heavy conditioning that prevents us from being multi-dimensionally free and so while plants can effectively trigger the locks to fly off in somewhat spectacular ways, we can also create our own process of liberation without the plants that can be just as rewarding if not more so. Maybe I will change my mind about that if I ever try the brew though ;)


I do not think that the upbringing is inherently bad or that it prevents us from reaching such levels of awareness. It seems to me that we are partaking on that frequency voluntarily and plant medicine is the work of multidimensional beings accessible to us via 3D. In other words, their purpose/love/work seeps into this reality and we can partake by taking the plants. It is a very interesting program (think of computer programs) that allows us to go deep into our psyche and clear stuck patterns and allow higher frequency to go through us.


I am pointing to the reality that it is our own thinking and internal misalignments (often in the form of judgemental thought patterns) that close the doors of perception and inner awareness - much of this is due to an absence of recognition of the value of carefully tending our own state of being.

It's important to understand that we are multi-dimensional beings and are essentially 'phase locked' into '3D' in a way that is not really for our highest good.


i agreed totally with your first paragraph. but i disagree with the second one. i think the most spiritual piece of this 3d life is the physical aspect of it. its a test plane.


Dense physicality is not how Earth is intended to be - it is the result of denial and emotional compression that is so ancient that few even realise it is all around them. Unconditional self acceptance is the foundation of the way to resolve much of the density and within that is a release of any sense of valuing being 'tested' or 'spiritual masters' etc.


also, do not try to do this alone for the first 2-5 times. even as a seasoned psychonaut. this is truly different and you need a sitter.


Sure, I appreciate that is a good idea. :)

While I haven't tried Ayahuasca, I love this region and have been called to the lands many many times! Thanks for the post!


Thank you for spreading wise info about Mother Ayahuasca. I believe it is the deepest dive one can take. Words cannot describe how she can heal. For me, she caused a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening, which is similar to being in an extended Aya ceremony. I just posted some of my story about this yesterday in my Steemit intro.

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Nice to connect on here, peace!

I was living in Iquitos, Peru and my brother had a Hotel there for 2 years where people around the world did ayahuasca ceremonies. I did 68 in total and my brother far more then 100.I also did 15 times Iboga which was a much longer and stronger trip. But the best of all psychedelics is 5MeO DMT you get it natural from the Bufo alvarius - Colorado River Toad and a synthetic one which is much stronger. If you want to kill your ego for a few mins then the 5MeO DMT is the way to go. Peyote, San Pedro, Shrooms, DMT and LSD are great as well but like I said 5MeO DMT is the KING of them all.

I'll be going to south America this year, and an Ayahuasca ceremony will definitely be found. I have read that there is quite a storm going on there concerning so-called plastic shamans, so hopefully I can find a quality guide for the inner journey of a life time. Preferably I would spend a couple of weeks in the jungle with pure thoughts, food and multiple drinking sessions.
Any suggestions on the best places? I've heard Bolivia has some reputable places and obviously Peru.


Hummingbird retreat center is great! May you find an open heart and lots of love