AYAHUASCA RETREATS SPAIN https://www.junglekitchen.org/

in #ayahuascalast year (edited)

Observe the world through many sets of eyes and see as if you are many characters. To truly see we must look at the world through many different perspectives.
The moment you step out of the centre, after the ceremony is complete, is the true moment the WORK begins. 🙏🏻Integration is invaluable and through consistently looking at what you experienced during your ayahuasca ceremony and how you have evolved since the experience ll allow you to remove psychosomatic trauma and reveal unconscious thought patterns. Using what you saw in Ceremony and overcoming it is the process of cleansing and integration ❤️
DM us with your email address for more information on our retreats


Great to see this in Spain. resteeming!

thanks Sally always welcome for a retreat that may change your stand in life. Regards.

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