Young lady’s tear jerking testimony of her first Ayahuasca experience

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Guided by Barry Cooper at TripToWellness. This testimony will pull the tears from your soul. The healing powers of the DMT contained in the Ayahuasca brew never stops amazing us.

TripToWellness offers beach side ayahuasca vacations and ibogaine treatment. We treat addictions, alcoholism, alcohol cravings, depression, PTSD and other pesky disorders. Many participate for the sole purpose of consciousness expansion.

Experience a TripToWellness and become the best version of yourself possible.

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Awww ! She was crying like baby with true feeling, nothing was artificial , in between when smiles just gave me happiness. She is a great woman , she also said she want to help each everyone who is connected to her, that is great. may GOD bless her.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with us @berrycooper

Thanks @abdulmanan. She was one of my favorites to guide. A jewel for sure.

:) hope fully she'll smile like this forever :)

you are doing a great job main,
giving people their life back.
it is motivational, keep up the good work.

I remember feeling like a baby being born again when I used it many years ago. The trip was pretty intense and scary, but,at one point it shifted into pure love and I felt like I'd been purified and loved.

Fantastic d-tube i like your this post
Brilliant work in steemit life I follow u and upvote me please

Highly rEsteemed!

@barrycooper, have you looked into Reset.Me?
I think your reputations would work well together.
Kind regards.

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