250 000 Axon Give Away! Axonomy Global Content-Based Competition

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Axonomy Global Content-Based Competition

Axonomy has been hosting a global content-based competition. We are looking for people who:

  • know/use cryptocurrency tools
  • familiar with white papers
  • like to discuss/share ideas
    and all the rest of you! …Do not miss it if you are one of the above

Nota bene: this activity is the maiden one of the Axonomy bounty series. Stay tuned and win more AXONS!

Honor Incentive
The most active participants will become a DBA Honor Member

How to Join

Register your DBA account if you haven't got one

  1. Visit Axonomy website (https://www.axonomy.pro).
  2. Sign up with your email address.
  3. Submit the verification code received to your mail and complete the registration.
  4. Complete your KYC.
  5. Join our Telegram group (https://t.me/Axonomy).
  6. Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Axonomy1).

Next steps

  1. Choose which content type you would like to create. For more information see sections Themes Of Content and Types Of Content
  2. Create new thread/post (Steemit/Reddit are recommended) and post your content
  3. Submit your work via the following link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Cj6ASj9qSPyjb9R0LhZ5G3oGJF2C4zQbKve5A-3AULo/edit


  • Post must constist #Axonomy tag.
  • All posts have no less than 140 words and comments have no less than 100 words will be deemed QUALIFIED. You need to add #axonomy in the article, then post the link in the comment section to be QUALIFIED.
  • SPAM/BOTs/meaningless comments such as “thumbs up” “retweet” “repost” and alike will not receive a reward.
  • As soon as you join the discussion, you will follow the writer on the Axonomy product page (www.axonomy.pro)
    Nota bene: if we feel there is a lot of spam posts, you will be withdrawn from the campaign and receive no payment.
  • All quality-related discussion/ engaged communication will be rewarded with AXON.
  • You will receive reward in your DBA account.

Themes Of Content

Within the current hottest blockchain content project, Axonomy have selected few of them as the proposition of this competition. They are as follows:
Steemit https://steemit.com/
Unetwork: https://u.network/
Decent: https://decent.ch/

Based on the above projects, analyze the current use of the product, or design another way to use it which would be suitable for content provided and trigger discussion among community users.

Types Of Content

In-depth articles
Analysis and comparison based on the method for using the existing product.

Design Article
A pre-release product design.


GMT+8 2018.11.12 20:00 - 2018.11.26 14 :00
Result Announcement: GMT+8 2018.11.28 19:00
Reward Date: No later than GMT+8 2018.11.30 19:00

Bounty Budget & Reward

Total Reward: **250,000+ Axon **
A total of 0.025% (250000 AXON) tokens will be reserved for Bounty Campaign.
The reward will be as follows

1-- Most highest of reposts/forwarded posts reward
#1 receives 10000 Axon
#2-5 receives 3000 Axon
#6-10receives 1000 Axon

2—Popular Reward: author with most engaged replies
#1 receives 10000 Axon
#2-5 receives 3000 Axon
#6-10receives 1000 Axon

3— Best Translator: translate from Chinese into English or vice versa and start a discussion; Axonomy Team will evaluate the quantity and quality and assess each author’s performance.
#1 receives 5000 Axon
#2-5 receives 1000 Axon
Chinese blog link: https://steemit.com/axonomy/@kevin427/6e7kne-axonomy-token-design-campaign

4—Participation Reward: for all participated users.
All authors (reach word limit, quality content) split 80,000 Axon
All authors (reach word limit, quality content) reply audience split 60000 Axon
All authors (reach word limit, accurate translation) split 50000 Axon

5 —Participation and award: participating users can be rewarded with effective interaction:
User forwarding/sharing, for article author +4 AXON, 400 AXON caps; forwarder himself +1 AXON, 40 AXON caps;
Quality replies, author and engaged users both receive +1 AXON, no cap;
Targeted discussion on a problem to draw conclusions/discovery issues, all participants +10 AXON per person, no cap;
Proposing a viable solution for a service which can be optimized, with all participants contributing +10 AXON per scenario;
SPAM/ bots/ replies each deduct 1Axon no caps.

About the Axonomy

Axonomy, the first project of the DBA foundation, is a core component of the Wanxiang Blockchain ecosystem developed to support a distributed business economy, which transforms traditional financing of a project to a community-driven venture system based on voting. Through autonomous voting and incubation of outstanding projects, Axonomy looks forward to bring maximum mutual benefits to users, project owners and investors.

DBA Foundation have raised $20M+ in investment fund with a portfolio of 20+ projects.

While conscious of certain weaknesses of a decentralized nature of blockchain, Axonomy implements a hybrid centralized blockchain deployment model to reach out a wider set of users who are more mainstream and non-technical. Monthly voting campaigns gather global startup projects, with community voting being decentralized and final investment decision being centralized. The investment team, at the end of each round, chooses to invest in the most valuable and promising projects.

AXON tokens cannot be bought but only earned through community contribution and voting rewards. New users get AXON and tokens from invested project through voting at zero costs with triple rewards.

Current Milestones as of November:

  • 100k+ Registered Users
  • 36k+ KYC Users
  • 5 rounds of voting, 37 participating projects
  • 6 winning projects received investment from DBA Foundation in the amount ranging from 50K to 300K USD
  • 175K+ in cumulative voters, 10 Million+ AXONs voted during 5 rounds

Official Social Network Website

Project Website: https://www.axonomy.pro
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/Axonomy
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/Axonomychannel
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Axonomy/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Axonomy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Axonomy1
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/axonomy/
• Axonomy reserves the right to final interpretation of the event.WechatIMG141.jpeg


Wow! Axonomy = Axon + Economy ! What a great idea!


#Axonomy #参赛#

如何使用Steemit?Steem, Steem power和Steem dollar详述


加密货币背后的无名英雄是区块链技术,这种技术正有效地应用于多个领域。分布式账本技术(DLT)是区块链技术的支柱,在系统内集成了安全性时,DLT是非常有效的。开发区块链平台是为了提高整个系统的工作模式和效率。大多数公司甚至找到了利用区块链革命将在线媒体内容货币化的方法。通过广告、分布式文件共享系统以及出租你的计算资源,盈利变得非常简单。所有这些都是由区块链技术驱动的,使得生态系统中有最高的可靠性。让我们来看看Steemit和那些推动这个平台的通证:Steem, Steem power和Steem dollar。




为了使用Steemit,用户需要在网站上注册。注册过程中需要一些钱作为手续费,以防止创建帐户用于欺诈。除了付出一些真正的货币,注册还需要一个电子邮件地址用于未来各个阶段的确认。然后用户需要浏览整个网站,阅读内容。网站上有不同分类的内容可供选择,比如hot、trend、popular、sponsored等。网站上还有一系列标签,用户可以点击这些标签来查看与标签相关的内容。用户还可以访问个人账户中的wallet菜单,其中显示了Steem、Steem power和Steem dollar的数量。这个部分是绝对公开的,所有用户都可以查看别人的钱包余额以及地址。


STEEM是Steemit社区使用的基础流动货币通证。人们可以很容易理解STEEM,因为它就像任何其他加密货币代币,如比特币一样。Steem通证可以升级为另一种形式的通证,即Steem Power,与此同时,它还可以与其他加密货币(如STEEM Dollar)进行交易,以获得真实世界的货币价值。

Steem Power

Steem Power只是Steemit社区成员持有的另一种加密货币通证,它间接代表了一个特定用户在社区的影响力或能量。Steem Power缩写为SP,可以用来影响社区平台上帖子和评论的价值。任何情况下,如果某个用户希望减少其Steem Power数量,那么作为补偿,他们将在13周内获得STEEM通证(译者注:即Steem Power返还成Steem通证,分13周完成)。与其他两个通证相比,STEEM Power加密货币通证的流动性更低。

Steem Dollar

社区使用的最后一个加密货币是STEEM Dollar,通常缩写为SBD。Steem Dollar是具有高度流动性的,其价值与1美元挂钩。Steem Dollar可以有效地在各种加密货币交易所兑换成STEEM。平均而言,从Steem Dollar到STEEM通证的转换过程需要3.5天,有趣的是,这些STEEM Dollar可以用在接受它的在线市场上。


值得一提的是,集STEEM、STEEM power和STEEM dollar于一体的Steemit社区是唯一一个利用加密货币和区块链技术进行传播的在线社交媒体博客平台。

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