AXNET, the Centralized and Decentralized exchange.

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One of the greatest revelations for me this year was when I got to read something on the Economist that said the world most important resources is not oil anymore but data and it really got me thinking hard, after that I got hooked on the blockchain technology and to be honest this is redefining data and data analysis.
With the innovation of blockchain and its related activities, it is hard for you to gonna day without bumping into a totally new project and it becomes hard sometimes to figure out what makes each project stand out.

AXNET has managed that feet, standing out and engineering a solution based platform that works in an advanced multi-layered and multi clustered architecture which was put in place considering all the loopholes that exists on the various exchange platforms to give a system that works and is very resilient in either system or hardware errors and loss to bring about a sustainable exchange platform.

Where is Axnet project coming from?
Well, personally before I can either believe or write off a project I will have to check if the present system lacks something that the project is trying to fix, and having that in mind we can deduce that there are a couple of lapses that still exist on the blockchain exchange market that needs drastic and urgent attention.
By the first quarter of this year, it was reported that a whopping $200 billion volume of cryptocurrencies was traded with an average of $5 billion daily and this is on the increase with the increasing number of projects launched on a daily basis, that, of course, does not take the quality out of these projects, this new and emerging ICO account for over 50% of these exchange.
One will say with this volume of trade and exchange there will be a good framework or structure in place but that is partly not so here is why, since the Axnet team are also traders alike they experience or have at one point or the other experience one of the following from very renowned names in the exchange game.

  • locking of account
  • Prohibiting new users from creating accounts
  • Some have been hacked and peoples account tempered with.
  • Instant crashing and lost of useful data
    This problem is not exhausted here am sure, each and every one of us has experienced something that has left a sour taste in our mouths with these exchange platforms.
    Lucky for us though AXNET is here...


AXNET uniqueness.

One bragging right of exchange platforms is pretty simple, either centralized or there was no middle point in all of it.

AXNET comes with something unique, in the sense that it combines the uniqueness as well as the important and most user-friendly attributes of both systems of exchange and merges them into something awesome.
We all know the decentralized system gives the users autonomy as to transactions but it also compromises the ease and speed of transaction while on the other hand, the centralized system gives a more tradeable platform with fiat pairs all optimizing the benefits to the users.

AXNET will help in combining these attributes into a good system that optimizes the advantages and curb or mitigate the limiting factors.

The advantages of AXNET

Enough has been said already about what the project brings to the table but we are going to itemize them. as follow.

  • It's well thought and planned operation system which is put together by a team of an experienced and hardworking individual who understand the projects as well as the benefits to the blockchain technology.
  • High-performance Engine that will carry the burden of the project efficiently.
  • financing level security to curb the security challenges that characterize exchange platforms.

The key features of AXNET
These are the selling point of the project and how it differs from.others as well as what will help us a certain its viability.

  • Centralized and Decentralized exchange
  • Exchange-based mining
  • Fiat-based services
  • EOS decentralized exchange
  • AXNET labs etc.

The Token
AXNET is the official token of the asset exchange network.
It is available on the ethereum wallet.
Total amount created sits at 100 million tokens.

The AXNET team
Most times a project is as good as the people that put it together and here are the listed team members for the AXNET project.

Genji Sakamoto, CEO – 20-years experience in software development. Mobile developer and freelancer on Upwork as a mobile developer until 2016. After this, he has worked for several cryptos and ICO projects.
Maxim Igorevich, CTO – 6 years experience with Mobile Development and Full-Stack engineering.
ZiLong Sun, Mobile Director – Over ten years experience with IT software development and has built over 40 mobile apps. Three years experience with leading developing teams.
Bingfeng Lui, Blockchain Director – Has worked with software companies all over the globe. Solid blockchain knowledge.
Elena Nikolaevna, Development Director –Solidity and blockchain developer with BE in computer science.
Denis Petrenko, Blockchain Developer – Additionally to being a developer for Axnet, Denis has experience with several exchanges and renowned companies as a blockchain developer.
Dmitry Tulba*, Senior UI/UX Manager – *Senior UE developer with 6+ years of experience.
Chun Zuo– Mobile Engineer – Over six years experience and has built over 20 mobile apps.

There are other cool details about the project that you can find on the white paper as well as the website

||Website||white paper||Facebook||Medium Blog||Reddit||Telegram||Twitter||Linkedin||

Below are demographs ofnthe roadmap and token allocation

BountyOxusername: gjoe64


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