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I've been saying for a couple years now that blockchain gaming is going to get big some time in the near future. Every so often I take some time off of Steem and other things to take a dive into what exists out there right now. The barrier of entry into blockchain will be much easier through gaming as gamers easier switch games and check test out new ones compared to social media platforms. This is also why I believe games such as Steem Monsters are so popular here on Steem and why Cryptokitties bottlenecked the Ethereum blockchain.

A couple months ago I stumbled onto Axie Infinity, at first glance I found the monsters called Axie's to be really cute and thought that this could be a fun breeding game that could take off. I started reading more about what it is all about and boy did I get massively surprised at what exists in this game's ecosystem. The creators of this game compare it to Pokémon and Tamagotchi but it is so much more than just that and soon there will be even more. I am super excited about this game and wanted to share today how it works, what you can do and why it is so much better than other games and how blockchain gives the players the advantage.

First off, watch this short trailer of Axie Infinity.

As I mentioned, at first glance I thought it was just a breeding game as I hadn't checked out the trailer yet. Shortly after purchasing my first few Axies from their marketplace where any player can sell Axies, I started to realize that there is so much more to them than just that. The way they breed might be similar to other games such as Cryptokitties, but here you get something special where depending on what kind of feature your Axie has such as a horn or a hat or a tail that is different from other Axies, they will get special moves and abilities that go with them. They also have different stats such as HP, Skill, Speed and Morale which affects the battles.

The battle system is really cool, the arena is created in a way that randomizes the stats a little bit extra depending on which spot your Axie's are standing on and then the rest depends on the Speed of Axies, the order of which they are placed in and a bit of luck. The game system works in the same manner as Steem Monsters so Steemians should be used to it.

For those wanting to get started with Axie Infinity now and want to get up to speed on how everything works to dive right into it, I found this Guide from youtuber "Joshbaked":

So you have breeding, battling and a trustless system that gives players true ownership of the Axie's, what more could you possibly add to this game? Well, it seems Axie Infinity are quite busy with developing the game further and making big steps and fast.

Very recently the presale of Axie Land started and in one day one quarter of the hardcap of Q1 was filled. I'm guessing players have been itching to get some land in the game for a long time. The presale of land will consist of four phases where they sell part of it each quarter of 2019 but over time it will become more expensive. Here is an image of the different land sections you can purchase and their costs.

The land will look like this, where the center consists of Genesis blocks which are much harder to attain from purchasing the chests. The land will also be tradable between players a bit further into the year. With this new expansion there will also be PvE (player vs environment), meaning you will be able to fight monsters that can drop blueprints which allow you to build things on your plot of land. If other players come to your land and use your services you will be able to earn a cut out of each transaction. This reminds me a bit about what Decentraland are striving to do and I think it fits the Axie Infinity game really, really well. For more information about what you can do with land, how it will be distributed and odds of getting the expensive genesis land, read this lengthy Axie Infinity article. There will also be an ERC-20 token that will be used called Luna which can be earned by players and will be used for certain ingame purchases and fees. The most exciting part here is that 3rd party developers will be able to create their own minigames on their parts of land.

I am really excited about the future of this game and how well it is being developed, props to the team and I wish them luck with everything they have planned for this year.

If you are interested in buying Axie Land then I would appreciate you using my referral link if you liked this post.

If you want to check out the game and test breeding some Axies, selling them on the marketplace or having them battle against other player's Axies, then go to Axie Infinity

PS. You will need MetaMask (use chrome for best experience) and have an Ethereum address to interact with the website, here is a full guide of it. It's basically the same as KeyChain for Steem.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post about future blockchain games showing potential!



I am starting an account and I used your link. Great article.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it! :)

This looks absolutely amazing. I wholeheartedly agree, blockchain gaming is absolutely going to take off and once it does there will be no brakes!

It would be great to see games like Mu Online under this same premise! I have no doubt what is coming!

Looks really cute! Thanks for the review!

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Someone totally needs to copy these games and prove they work better on the Steem Blockchain. Having to pay GAS money is a real deal breaker, IMHO.

Imagine if Pokemom go released with PokeCoins cyrpto and you could sell, trade, and buy caught pokemon with that crypto currency! It would have blown up

Nice intro! And looks like Axie is rocking ranking!

No wonder why gaming is one of the biggest industries out there. Combining blockchain and gaming improves the blockchain almost better than sole mining. Earning Crypto to play games also sounds like a great idea to keep on encouraging this practice.

I never wanted to pay moneys to buy digital pets,but OMYGOD axies are so cute

Really cool piece, thanks for sharing this game for us all!

I can see games like cryptokitties and axieinfinity dominating the market Just to the nature of current users on the blockchain... But what sort of games would you like to see on the blockchain in the near future?

hi. @acidyo. It looks quite interesting. And certainly the issue of the powers that the Axies have resembles something like pokemom. The triler is very demonstrative. Thanks for presenting this. Is very striking.

This project has the power to help recover the crypto markets if it gains enough traction. With its fusion of Pokemon, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Tamagathchi's, and much more the audience is massive. It is also a peek into the future of marketing in my opinion, I see the new social hubs of the future being places like Lunacia (Axie Infinity) or Fortnite. I have an insurance agency in the US and we are trying to position for it already. It is also a nice place to play until Decentraland is more populated with things for people to do. Development should be much faster in Lunacia by removing the VR/AR for now. Nice to have @acidyo spreading the word.

Going to send this game to Castle Crypto - They've been doing solid extensive reviews and would be cool to see what they say.

@acidyo I'm really thrilled by the concept of the game altogether — the different game monster characters battling against each other. I've always believed that blockchain holds the potential to penetrate and real value-additive benefits to every use case. Having a game anchored on the blockchain demonstrate transparency and fairness even in the rewarding of the players. I think a platform token that you mention (Luna) is a great idea to really encourage players. I love games next to blockchain. It is a good thing we have another game similar to @steemonster, what do you think @acidyo

I totally love how you have ability to see past the Steem ecosystem and praise what is good out there. You have talked about Hash Rush in the past and now Axie Infinity. Both are my favourite crypto games! We will see more of each other in these games I guess!

Great article @acidyo !
If there is french Axie Infinity players out there, don't forget to follow me. I'm trying to translate all the informations for you guys ;)

Have you checked out EOS Knights yet? It has been pretty fun so far.

The biggest issues I've seen for blockchain games so far is cost of entry. Right now it maybe relatively cheap, but when you start gaining new crypto enthusiast during the next bull market it may cost more to get into a crypto game then it will to buy a brand new big budget game (60USD).

I've shied away from Ethereum games so far and am sticking mainly to EOS and Steem since, once you pay the "entry price" for the game, playing is essentially free.

Very nice, thanks for doing this write up. The ability for players to provably own scarce digital assets is revolutionary. Hopefully one day a game comes alone with an even more unique business model that lets everyone participate in development for rewards.

Definitely going to play this :D!

I liked how you explained the pros and cons.I joined steem to post blogs. I am becoming interested in gaming. I am now following you so I can learn more.

This really sounds great and interesting. The world of gaming on blockchain have a great future

Thanks for the heads up! Blockchain gaming is definitely the future!!

You described the game so interestingly that I had a desire to try. Thanks for the information.

Thanks, good luck with it! :)

But ethereum isnt really scalable..
Looks pretty expensive, too.

I guess Ill still wait for more steem games.. For example hash king.

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The fact that one can sell back even if it's expensive is a prospect I love really

That's true, right now it isn't and that can be noticed by the extra fees you have to pay now and then, but obviously they are planning on making Eth scalable in the near future by going proof of stake, which Steem already is and better. ;)

About the game being expensive, well it can seem that way but the good thing is that you can sell back Axie's and land if you want. That's something that's not possible on current centralized games and why blockchain will revolutionize it.

Yea, well.. Just because you can sell them again, doesnt mean it's worth something later..
I like blockchain and its possibilities/ chances but there are still greedy people out there.

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Do you have a link to Hash King?

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Of course :)
Here is for example Discord:

They will still need some time till the game is playable on steem, though

Edit: they said 1-2 weeks.. 😏

Is it supposed to be Canna-Curate? Because that's where that link pointed.

Hey @acidyo I have a question about this game in Eth blockchain...
Since the Ethereum blockchain is almost in the limit, does it means that this game could have problems because the high traffic? Or it's like @steemonsters, which doesn't depend completely to the main blockchain?

I believe the reason steemmonsters doesn't have any fees is because of the way Steem works compared to Eth. With Eth it will only cause some issues if there is high traffic going on which means you will need to spend more Eth for gas to get your transaction to be verified. Most of the time lately there haven't really been any issues like that, though.

I think that is the main drawback from applications that people do in the ethereum blockchain, they aren't immune to problems of traffic, if that occurs of course. I was read that the Constantinopla could create a bottleneck since they will implant the POS system together with POW, that could increase the probability to do something wrong, isn't?

I don't think there will be a bigger chance of a bottleneck compared to how it works now if they move to a hybrid pos/pow stage. Sure it might bottleneck but not as bad as last ATH, over time and if everything goes well for the ETH team I believe they are planning on removing pow completely.

Good. I have the same idea. When I read about that I thought that maybe they could be wrong about the bottleneck on the long term. However, I totally agree with you that they need to go full POS, as I talked with meno or organduo, I don't remember now, about that.
If they took out the POW and being just POS, that could bring more stability for the coin and the most problematic problem of POS which is the huge quantity of tokens in the hands of a few people doesn't will be so huge as the common POS coins that started like that way.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ;)

I'm really thrilled by the game's concept and the endless possibilities which one can obviously explore, I'm going to definitely check Axie out.

id rather play games on EOS like blockchain Battleship (using desktop scatter app)

  • Very good design.
  • Easy to use ( *Scatter Desktop required)
  • make sure you have enough CPU staked within the account you use! ( 1.5-2 EOS should be enough for several consecutive games)
  • Be aware that there are only 60 seconds to place your ships (and there are a lot of them). But if you run out of time you can hit the "RANDOM" button.
  • Users enjoy playing for only 0.1 EOS so it's not quite gambling.

from vladserban on reddit

this looks amazing... I'm quite tempted to give it a try.

the need to pay GAS fees for all in-game activities is quite a turn-off though and it also looks like it'll cost at least 0.05 ETH to get started breeding with two of the cheapest axies on the market. And I'm not sure if that's actually enough to get involved with the game.

the land-sale appears to be all sold out already, too.

Quite intriguing, but I don't really understand what I'll get from it tbh so I'm not sure if I'll give it a try.

These Axies are so damm cute! <3 <3

Gifted 3 to my crush. Now I have a date :D

Blockchain game is awesome & that technology is growing day by day...

good! крутой пост)

It was an amazing and meaningful column about blockchain gaming. I think Its intense need for the current and future time.

OHH MY GOD axies are so cute.

uuuuuuh... This is awesome

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OK, you made my concept clear about blockchain gaming @acidy

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Really informative! Definitely going to take a look into Axie

What is it?

I will use your referral link. Thank you @acidyo

This game has a resemblance to the minecraft, although it has some graphics a bit improved to the minicraft, my question is if it is like other games, if it is social, that is if it is the game time lam

Looks really cute! Thanks for the review!

good job bro!!! i hope to read you soon


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Looks really wonderful but the land is expensive
I am looking for sources to reap ETH if you learn please help me

I think it's look like steemmonsters.

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Seems like a cool gsme

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Ohh this is going to get big! They nailed the multi group marketing 💪

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Well says...😀😀😀

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That's an interesting idea I must say, thanks for the review I'll check it out :)

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Thanks for the post , i think you have done a nice job

Estoy sorprendido. Pues soy nuevo en el auge del uso del blockchain. Y jamás pensé (o si quiera imaginé), que incluso ya hubiera juegos que se basan en esta propuesta.
Me siente emocionado de ir encontrando y descubriendo más acerca del uso en esta red social.

Hello greetings,
Thanks for the information, it will be a success.

Hello greetings, Thanks
For the information, it
Will be a success.

                 - yeniyoselinrr

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Ugh... I spent a 100 dollars on Gods Unchained on Ethereum already but im seriously considering dropping a few more dollars on this.. Its starting to feel like it would have been a smarter investment just buying up all these digital assets and selling them on the market then powering up Steem.

Great article @acidyo !
If there is french Axie Infinity players out there, don't forget to follow me. I'm trying to translate all the informations for you guys ;)

I wish this was on Steem Blockchain 😢

Blockchain is going to take over all the currencies and it will be the main part of economy.

good This looks absolutely amazing;I wholeheartedly agree, blockchain gaming is absolutely

Someone totally needs to copy these games

It's looking amazing game.I didn' ever try it.But after reading your post I have decided to try this game.The game plan was great to look.Thanks for giving such kind of review.
I am waiting for more game review from you.

At some point one of these games will break out to the mainstream.

It's look like revolution. Future of gaming !!

Axies are fantasy creatures that inhabit Lunacia - an open world that is owned, operated and controlled by players.

Lunacia is under attack - it's up to you and your Axies to fight a creature called Chimera while rebuilding and strengthening the Kingdom.

These Axies are so damm cute! Wonder whether !ned also has some :D

Enjoy your ned and don't forget to recommend nedcore!

This games look pretty fun to play but if its on the Ethereum blockchain , then the fees kind of make it more of a hassle to play more than anything. I would love to see this kind of game on maybe the Steem Blockchain or just a crypto that doesn't charge transaction fees.

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