Steemit enters the awkward stage. It's just a stage.

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Still just a person expressing an opinion via an iPhone so don't expect photos or any animated anything.

Ok they're gone, just us left. I'm assuming you've been here a week or two, were truly excited when you got here, got even more excited over your first few days, then got to here. Now you're still checking steemit many times a day but expecting less each time. And getting it. I'm not giving up and I hope you're not either, although I totally understand if you do.

But if you stay you just might help us all get to where I think the Original Whales were hoping to go.

I think the Original Whales are as disappointed in where we are as we are.

You see, they created something new. Blue Ocean in business parlance. And when you create something new there are the Unknown Unknowns to deal with. Steemit is in an Unknown Unknown.

Known Unknowns are easy to plan for. Unknown Unknowns are unplanforable. I hope that that is the first use of the non-word 'unplanforable' in all steemit history.

I don't think anyone envisioned the period of 35000 users, split 50/50 between people and bots, the bots split 50/50/50 between upvoters, down voters, try-to-help-ers and spew-crap-ers and the people split 50/50/50 between developers, whiners, photographers, spammers, Russian models, cupcake bakers, make-a-buckers and make-a-bot-ers.

But here we are. Didn't like the last fork? That's ok there will be another one. And another one. And. Another one.

They're not done. And now we are, or can be, part of they. For my part I've signed on to alpha test the steemit app as I am usually on my phone and rarely on a computer. Know what? It sucks. It's really bad. I use it to use it but don't use it when I want to be on steemit. I'm not on it now. But I will be again tomorrow because I get to help it get better.

You get to help steemit it get better. Help it get through this awkward stage. Identify a problem AND suggest a solution. Downvote crap. Join a conversation. Even if you have a hard time finding a post you enjoy, if you find one with some action you may find an interesting conversation below it.

Anyway. In a nutshell or as the kids say tl/dr:

Yes steemit today is not as fun as steemit last week or steemit next year. Yes you can do something about it. And no @jsteck still has no input as to how you can make tons of money for nothing.


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I figure that, since no one except my immediate friends and family reads my blog anyway, posting a week ahead on Steemit isn't going to do any harm. If no one reads those posts here either then nothing has changed. If I can potentially grow an audience and help develop a platform with a business-model that I believe in, and have a stake in, then there is zero downside-risk and huge upside-potential.

The awkward stage is just noise. Concentrate on the things that you can control (your content, your votes) and influence (development, community spirit) and don't worry about the other stuff.


I like your most recent post (only partially because I enjoy reading what @recursive says)


Thanks! I also just read and enjoyed your Minnow Code of Conduct - it's a great way to approach Steemit, I think.


I appreciate that. Will be looking for your next post

I'm here for the long haul too! Lol! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one using an iPhone to post here either!!


It's not easy is it??


I take it that's not an upvote!