Creating Awareness

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After learning about my pregnancy, I settled in a lush village like the Smurfs. Gargamel was not there in this village, of course, only good news, nice people, healthy meals, babies like what would be good for me there.

I spent almost over the clouds. It doesn't mean I didn't fight my husband, I'm not mad at anybody. My father had a heart attack in this process. I disciplined myself to minimize the negative effect.

I was aroused by an awareness; the importance of living the moment. It is also of course all babies, such as children, are only present in the moment. I've been trying to make a habit of staying in the moment since I realized how important this is.

After half an hour, three days before, after sleeping, I don't care anymore and I realized I'm happier. Moreover, with this exercise, it became easier to make an effort to follow the development.

First I made a long list, I wrote my dreams about my child in the long run. I know this isn't based on an "input-output" relationship, but I think I should do my best.

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