We Should Avoid Social Media

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In the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, people who used to work at big social media companies get the chance to talk about the impact of social media on people. Because of that movie, I limited myself to 'playing' social media. At the end of the movie, one of the documentary suggests that we see the outside world. “It was fine,” he said more or less. Right, we need to see the outside world - even as we move through the Twitter timeline. Social media can keep us locked in a bubble. For example, when we follow a player on Instagram, the system will suggest other players on the screen. It's just an athlete, but what if someone we follow unwittingly turns up someone who is provoking society? Of course, the system will again deliver provocative messages or provocative people. We may have unconsciously followed them and even accepted their words as normal. It should be noted that "ordinary" has fine lines with "what is". There is an interesting suggestion from the documentary: "To follow people who are different from me." The goal is to be open to a variety of opinions (except right and wrong matters). It's not limited to the bubbles that make up the content on the screen. Nausicaa Renner, in his article in The New Yorker, explains that in this age, people can create their own narratives about themselves. People can select the videos they want to remember on the YouTube channel, and list the words they want to leave in the Twitter timeline.

The world is no longer built by adults. Nowadays, people of all ages can create their own image when they can access the internet and social media. That is, we are not really alone in forming an identity. There are other people involved in determining who we are on social media. There are also digital scars that are often misunderstood. It is not wrong to think of social media as an unpredictable forest. If suddenly Tiktok videos went viral or suddenly someone was bullied etc. If you're lucky (or unlucky), we may be one of them. We are like writing with a pen on social media. Even if removed with an old tip, the scars will not disappear. And this is what makes many people be named later, the signs are not lost, they are scattered everywhere. Therefore, it might be a good solution to stay away from social media all the time. We can't really live without using social media - at least we definitely do. We can use it actively, but we don't live in virtual reality, right?

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