Come Fly with XtrodinaryPilot #STEEMITAERIALTOURS

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Today we will be flying in a Cessna 182T Skylane and your pilot will be @XtrodinaryPilot.  Welcome aboard the #SteemitAerialTours 

After picking the kids up from school, I had plans to swing by David Wayne Hooks

Just to show you how privileged you are, this is the access gate to my home airport. Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

After making our way through the security gate I headed over to Terry Sonday's hangar. Terry is a nationally recognized Sea Plane instructor and local aviation legend. He has nurtured my passion for aviation since I was a starry eyed 18 year old kid. Ironically he enjoys having my kids around, so he can talk aviation to them as well. 

Terry's Hangar

After our little pow-wow at Terry's hangar, we park the car and wait for the air traffic to die down. We watch plane after plane take off and land. Pilatus, Cessna, Piper, Diamonds, and Cirrus's were tearing up the airways. I took that as an opportunity to take some pictures.


Seat belts and No Smoking signs are on...

Please bear with me. I take flying very seriously, especially when my family is with me. Getting cool shots is very difficult when you put safety first. I do have a 360 camera that I recorded some awesome video with but at the moment STEEMIT doesn't support those embeds. I look forward to being your tour guide on more #STEEMITAERIALTOURS

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