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Aventus ICO can be called as the world wide solution for secured, fair and transparent ticketing industry. One of the main aims of Aventus is to ensure that unregulated touting and fraud are completely eliminated from the ticketing industry. Using the web portal it is certain that organizers can now think of managing, creating and promoting their tickets and events at a remarkably reduced cost of their events and tickets.

Apart from this it is also certain that they can now regulate event cost and price and at the same time collect their commissions that will be generated on the basis of their secondary sales from the current market.

Key Factors of Aventus ICO

• The London based online company has clearly declared that it has set up with a solution (Block chain Based) with an aim to counterfeit tickets and control touting.

• With their new developments it is certain that they have already managed to attraction the attention of market investors. To make it more effective the company has announced to organize a sale for entire week which shall be starting from 19th July 2017. The sale is expected to be effective till 24th July 2017.

It is certain that in present time ticket touts are getting more active by trying to invest money in purchasing tickets in bulk and then selling it back to other buyers for a much higher price. There are a number of people who even try and generate over 49 percent of profits selling tickets. In some occasions you may also notice that over 1000 % profits are made from such sales.

Aventus role

Aventus ensures that it offers customers with a very secured way to follow for resale and transfer of event tickets so that such frauds can be completely eliminated. It is done with an aim to try and identify the final customer who has made the purchase. This step is very much important to offer customers with total security. This will at the same time end the touters business completely.

It is certain that with touters in business in the past, event organizers, live entertainers and hosts have been affected very much due to increased resale’s value and ticket counterfeits.

Aventus solutions

With the new platform it is certain that Aventus aims at providing with complete new solution to bring an end to this fraudulent. Apart from this Aventus also aims at taking full control over unregulated ticketing sales and touting.

Aventcoin (AVT)

It is certain that Aventus is also aiming to launch AVT (Aventcoin) which is a type of Bitcoin for the current ticketing industry. The token sale will be given away to the public in general. To make the launch more effective a public sale will be organized between 19th and 24yth July 2017 by Aventus. So if you are looking forward to purchase ticket for the right price then you can take benefit of this.

Aventus Statements

Aventus sources have added that they are looking forward to perform well at the time of event. Apart from this they have also added that helping people escape being a part of the industry fraudulent makes them feel proud. Apart from this Aventus also aims at oozing the promotional offers for the event and overall improving the oversight regarding tickets counterfeits. They aim at creating a world wide standard for the industry for resales of tickets to the right customers.

With the new platform it is certain that event organizers can expect to be a part of the fair and regulated blockchain for ticket sales. With the new platform offered it is certain that the price of the ticket sales will be much lower than expected for the customers. Apart from this the offer is also considered as a rewarding opportunity for ticket buyers as they don’t have to fall prey to any such fraudulent. Aventus has ensured to improve current solutions through innovative ideas and solutions. This will offer customers with complete transparency and security at the same time.

Aventus Team

Alan Vey – Full stack engineer and Director in charge.

Annika Monari – Full stack engineer and Director in charge.

Kavon Soltani – Sales Head

Mario Vassiliades – UX/UT Designs

Arnaud Gaboury – Communications Head

Benedict Lewis – Full stack engineer

Quick Links

Website – https://aventus.io

Twitter – https://twiter.com/AventusSystems

Blog – https://blog.aventus.io

Slack Channel – https://slack.aventus.io

Subreddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/Aventus

Media – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/news/adele-announces-surprise-final-wembley-show-2017-get-tickets

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