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As a small business owner, I'm excited about blockchain technology. My capital is limited to resources necessary to get my small businesses growing and payments of overhead costs, implementing modern technology has been a challnge because of the commercialization aspects of infrastructure needed to streamline and optimize my business operations.

Blockchain technology is giving me an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of modern technology that includes automation, artificial intelligence, smart contracts and a decentralized storage solution for my transactions and record keeping. Blockchain will help my small business enjoy the benefits of improved security, transparency in my business operations, streamline my supply chain management and offer me payment solutions that are cost effective, all these advantages without breaking my budget dedicated to my small business financing.

I currently use cryptocurrencies as payment solutions but I need to integrate my small business operations into the blockchain and I have been looking for a modern blockchain infrastructure that will power my small business.

However, I understand the current problems which have affected my blockchain payment solutions, which are scalable problems, privacy concerns of my clients, interoperability. I’m building my business to grow not to stagnate in one position, with this in mind I need a solution to these problems and allow easy adoption of my business's operation and transactions in my small business operations strategies.

To strategically power my small business with blockchain technology I have compiled a list of the required features I would like for easier alignment of blockchain technology and my small businesses operations, they include cross chain communication and transactions capability for easier adoption of my partners and clients, I also need a blockchain infrastructure that is scalable I don’t need server downtimes due to overloading of the blockchain network.

( Video Source: Auxledger YouTube Channel - Building Blockchain for a Billion Population. )

I have been researching on various blockchains to power my small business and I have come across Auxledger, this project is different from other blockchain networks and provides solutions to scalability, privacy, application flexibility. Their infrastructure allows interoperability between different financial institutions and existing blockchains for easier cross blockchain communications and also allowing a self-regulating economy through the gas philosophy to allow reliable transactions speeds and costs.

I would like to dig deep on Auxledger project and why I believe it’s a fit to power my small business. So what is Auxledger ?

Auxledger: The Third Generation Blockchain Infrastructure.


Auxledger is building a hybrid blockchain that will power the next generation businesses, individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs integrating Auxledger on their operations will benefit from scalable network, secure distributed ledger and a private blockchain that will power their businesses.

Businesses and operations powered by Auxledger will be able to enjoy cross chain transactions through a virtual network that maintains integrity and consensus over different blockchains.

Application networks will be built on top of the core blockchain in order to maintain and benefit from the core layers infrastructure which is able to handle interchain operability while also being able to customize their application networks to seamless integrate their businesses strategies with blockchain.

To enable a seamless economy, Auxlegder is is fueled by its native tokens, which includes the AUXCHIPS that provide administrative verification and authentication of tiered networks processes through the AUXNET NETWORK (covered later in this blog entry) and AUXGas that provides AUXNET the ability to compute and communicate through inter chain consensus.

Deploying Flexible Blockchain Network.

Individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs will be able to implement blockchain technology in Auxlegder and enjoy the benefits of smart contracts operations processing, payments systems that is integrated with their business operations, an immutable ledger where they can store structured records, Privacy through mode previsioning and any more as illustrated in the chart below.


Multi-tier Network Implementation with Auxledger.

As a business owner, I’m excited about the multi-layer implementation. This will allow a scalable environment for my growing business, multi-tier blockchains are powerful because they allow a single private blockchain be compatible with multiple networks. Auxledger solution is to allow businesses benefit from a powerful blockchain network that is scalable and allows interchain communications and transactions with other blockchain networks as illustrated in the photo below:


Auxlegder Interchain Communication.

There are reasons why I'm excited about interchain communications, one of them is the ability of my businesses to exchange native assets with other subnets from different businesses. Auxledger solution is to allow businesses to execute contracts from their own private blockchain which is followed by a consensus agreement with connected blockchain networks, the results are the ability to exchange assets between different businesses powered by different blockchains.

In the picture you will see an illustration of the processes Auxledger is implementing that will allow data integrity is maintained in order to allow business to relay data in a cross-network business environment.


Auxledger ecosystem Consensus Management.

When it comes to consensus agreement between business powered by different blockchains, the processes need to be effective, trustworthy and of high integrity. This is why the Auxledger parent chain participates in the modes sync on very transactions which verifies the processes when they are initiated and broadcasted. The parent chain after verification of the checkpoints then broadcasts the commands to the recipient chain where the transactions are executed and records stored in distributed ledgers. In the chart below, you will get more technical details concerning Auxledger consensus management processes.


Auxnet and its benefits in the Auxledger ecosystem.

Auxleder is powered by AUXNET, which are the infrastructures that allows multi-tier blockchain network compatibility when also ensuring the blockchain network is secure, private and scalable. This will benefit businesses through allowing them to build their application layers by building powerful next generation DApps that will be able to interact and communicate with multiple blockchain networks. Auxnet will also benefit businesses to build their own private networks that is customized according their own benefits which will also allow a consensus agreement between different networks deployed on the ecosystem.




Auxledger through its innovative features such as Auxnet, Auxviom, Auxchips and Auxgas are powerful tools that will ensure a stable environment for my business, I don’t have the finances to power technological applications mainly in enterprise resource management and Auxledger will provide me with the tools I need to bring my business into the blockchain.

The ability to control the transactions through AuxGas which is automated by AuxNet will allow my business to automate its payment processes, compared with other networks whose operations are controlled by time/block processes AuxGas ability to scale through dynamic control of the supply of AusGas will ensure a stable transactions management for my business. For more information on Auxledger please check the website, whitepaper and social media pages in the links below.


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