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In this piece I want to beam the klieglight on another new, very promising, low cap gem in the cryptospace: AUXILIUM ($AUX). And you'd learn how you can earn a handsome 8% ROI off it while contributing to worthwhile humanitarian causes on a regular basis. Plus, yes, you can walk away with a massive 70,000 $AUX coins acting on simple instructions I'd share here.
Auxilium is a complete blockchain built off of the Ethereum chain that uses the zero-reward Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm for validating and securing its onchain activities. Which consequently results in its energy consumption to be the barest minimum.
Going forward, also, the project promises to be the one-stop platform for the building of Smart Contracts for small, medium and large scale businesses/individuals.

AID And 8℅ Staking Rewards

As I mentioned above, its consensus mechanism (PoA) doesn't allow for any rewards for block validation, instead the dev team created a platform for reward coinholders, known as Auxilium Interest Distribution platform.
Similar to staking rewards in other projects, everyone who holds any amount of $AUX coins is rewarded with 8% of the amount per year, but, spread over 12 monthly installments.
To benefit from this reward however, you need to hold your coins in their desktop wallets. Here's the links to download the AUX wallets for:




70,000 $AUX Coins For Free

You can get this gift from a promotion they are currently holding on
There they have a massive 1,000,000 $AUX for grabs in a trading promotion running till 15th of Oct, 2018.
All you have to do to be rewarded is just simply trade (buy and sell) $AUX coins on and make sure your cumulative volume for the duration of the promo is ranked among the highest 250 traders.
And here's how the reward will be distributed:
Top 1st trader - 70.000 AUX

Top 2nd trader - 50.000 AUX

Top 3rd trader - 40.000 AUX

Next 7 traders - 15.000 AUX each

Next 40 traders get 10.000 AUX each

Next 50 traders get - 3.000 AUX each

Next 50 traders get - 2.000 AUX each

Remaining 100 traders get 1.000 AUX each.
Happy trading.
After the competition don't forget to send your coins to your wallet to start amassing huge, compounded rewards month after month.

$AUX is A Sleeping, Low Cap Gem

It will interest you to know that the $AUX dev team held no pre-sale, private or public ICO. But its market cap has risen in the space of one Short month after launch to $ 834,572 and selling for 132 Sats.
And with so many fancy development milestones still ahead of it, I can see a x7 ROI coin here, at the very least.

My take: Great buy for medium to longterm 'Hodl'.





NB: $AUX coins is only available right now at

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