5 Reasons Why I Love The Fall Season 🍂🍂🍂

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Hello Steemit Friends!  

It's September and Fall is in the air!  Autumn is my favorite time of year.  It's a great time to get out and enjoy mother nature. Here are a few of the things that I enjoy about Fall.  

1. Fall Outfits

It's time to say 'Goodbye' to shorts, summer dresses and flip-flops and say 'Hello' to jackets, over-sized sweaters, leggings and boots!  Fall fashion is truly about comfort.  I can't wait to layer up and load up on scarfs and cute ankle booties!

2. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!    

The best thing about fall is picking out my pumpkin(s) at the patches and cooking fresh pumpkins! I love all things pumpkins - Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin smoothie, pumpkin donut!  Don't forget pumpkin carving! Starbucks is back with their Pumpkin Spice Latte and I always look forward to having it when fall comes around.  

3. The Beautiful Colors      

The fall season is full of vibrant colors - Oranges, yellows and reds.  It's amazing to see the color of the leaves change from green to yellow then orange.  It's so magical!  Some days I would go for long drives and watch the row of trees with their colorful leaves and watch them slowly fall off to the ground. Very peaceful and breathtaking! As a kid,  I enjoy strolling through the parks and jumping in giant piles of leaves.  Memories!    

4. Black Friday   

Shop til you drop! Yes, I am out shopping.  Do I need to say more? 

5. Holidays

I love Halloween - Exploring haunting houses, dressing up in costumes and watch the Sanderson sisters (Hocus Pocus) re-run.   Thanksgiving is special to me because I get to EAT as much as I want!   Also be thankful and spend time with my family and friends, of course. Don't forget, Christmas is just around the corner.  

I guess I just love the feeling of Fall.  What is your favorite thing to do in the Fall?  

Enjoy it while you can and  make the most of Fall.   (Photos are from Unsplash and Giphy)

As always, thank you for your support and don't forget to: 

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The Beautiful Season ! <3 ^ ^


Exactly! 😍

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