Another great photos,i feel like it's a cold place to that place sir @slowwalker, great photos as always..

Excellent shot.Thanks for sharing. i upvoted and following...

Amazing man. just look at the red and blue combo. mesmerizing. @slowwalker it just touched(kissed) my heart.

@slowalker i think you have a thing for autumn, just like your last post of leaves. please share with us what autumn reminds you of? to me autumn reminds me of some lost one.

Beautiful shot sir.

The pictures says it all... Beautiful

which city do you live in? Your posts are great.

Beautiful creative photo! Thank you for sharing, friend @slowwalker!

from the picture i can see the sun is coming out later ! so nice !

looks like the blue-ridge parkway in North Carolina beautiful non the less.

Really loving this one ... autumn has so much different colors here where I live.

nice your blog
please follow and vote me

It's about ready to snow here!!!!

Have a good week @slowwalker.

I am not online as much as I used to be. Tell your mom I said hi.


Wow... what a beautiful photograph

Beautiful. I always like autumn even though we dont get of it here in the Philippines

Beautiful shots mate, love the blue colors of the mountains...amazing!

Such a stunning view. Great shot @slowwalker

Beautiful ❤️

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Beautiful colors

wow that's a magnificent view i loved it :D

Great picture.....

Wonderfull..woww @slowwalker

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a wonderful look and sensational colors. Super captured my friend.

breathtaking colors!

it is so picturesque!

amazing colours!))

What a beautiful pic! I l really love to see pictures from other countries - so: Thank you for sharing.