Well my truck fell apart...

in automotive •  3 months ago

Yet again another problem out of my 86 Toyota pyle. Was driving home from work Tuesday night and my throttle quit working like a mile from the house. Got out popped the hood and found out the bolts came out of my throttle bracket.51887853_10161563279260694_8512090435768811520_n.jpg Not only did the bolts come out but this carb has to have special spacers for the throttle bracket to work properly. So today I finally got the time to work on it an with some help from a friend we managed to get it rigged back together.52762344_10161563279615694_4302487349943599104_n.jpg You might ask how I got home. Well luckily I was able to put it in 4 low and it crawled itself home. Mind you a distance that should have taken a min or two to travel took 25 mins... It was a slow crawl home but at least it made it. Hopefully it'll hold itself together for a lil while now until i can get the jeep goin in a week or so. Thanks for reading about my unfortunate luck.

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i certainly could have used a girlfriend like you 20yrs ago. lol... my old ford was always broken.

Guess you did not tighten it enough. The bad part is losing the special spacers. Did you learn anything? Great fix with all those washers, lol.


That setup had been on there a year or more. Seems like everything on this truck vibrates loose. Locktight is its new best friend. Lol.

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You are truly the bailin' wire, bubble gum queen! And I mean that in a nice way too.

A Toyota Pyle?

I don't think that model made it over to us in Europe. ;o)

That sucks. I had my clutch master cylinder go out in my truck not too long ago. Had to drive it home with no clutch and shut it off just before I slammed into my camp trailer.
It’s awesome to know those little tricks in order to get the rig where you can work on it. Glad to see your up and running again.

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Don’t let it get you down.
It only makes you stronger.


Ahhh shit happens.

I'd say for a vehicle over thirty years old it still seems like a overall bargain. LOL!

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