My 86 Toyota build/ story part 2

in automotive •  19 days ago

Once dad and I got it all together and straightened out we started sanding and prepping for paint.10399107_236666775693_788226_n.jpg10399107_236666780693_6052353_n.jpg10399107_236666795693_4971015_n.jpg
After the paint, different wheels, and a bumper and grille upgrade it was like a whole other truck.6718_10154680286980694_7173126778090330249_n.jpg
This was its look for prolly 6 years or so then I decided it was time for a change. Details of the makeover will be revealed in part 3 of the Toyota story.

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That is a nice looking truck after your paint job.

And right beside the yota is the soon to be horrible wrecked Honda Civic so this was before you turned 16!

Wow, I forgot how much you did in the first year or two. I know that the two of you working together made me smile. But, I thought you both were crazy! LOL

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I worked for a Yota dealership from 1976 to 1981. Got too drive some Dam fine machines. The land cruiser was a POS though.