My 86 Toyota Build Part 1

in automotive •  20 days ago

I got this truck 11 years ago when i was 16. Its an 86 Toyota 22r 4 cylinder 5 speed 4x4 pickup. I drove it my Junior and senior year while dad and I worked on it.1927624_130495735693_4864_n.jpg It was my grandpas truck we bought off a cousin after they creamed a deer.1927624_130495835693_735_n.jpg We pulled out the front end best we could and replaced the clutch fan and radiator.1927624_130499175693_5335_n.jpg. Since the bumper was ruined along with the grille dad and i made a homeade bumper from exhaust pipe and a grille from rabbit wire.10398645_145848025693_5829706_n.jpg Did a little rust patchin and prepped her for paint.10399107_236666800693_910014_n.jpg Ive done alot to this truck over the years that I've had it and this is only the beginning of the story.

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That is a great truck cause those Toyota 22R engines are bulletproof and last forever.

upvoted ya and raised your rep to 41 woohoo! you're on a roll girlie!

My gosh, this truck really has a story. Can't wait to see it all again.

I can't remember, how long had this truck been parked after the deer accident? I know it was at least 2 years wasn't it?


Yes 2 years minimum for sure. Possibly more.

Awesome job. The 22r engine is dam near bullet proof. Did you know they made that truck with a turbo for a few years? 22RE. Rare as hens teeth now.