86 Toyota build/ story part 3

in automotive •  5 months ago 

I decided I wanted to change the paint because the white was startin to flake off in spots.16832202_10158377510725694_6693696416276343932_n.jpg
My favorite color is blue so I was in love. About a year after it was sporting its new paint job I hit a rough patch in my life and made the terrible choice to sell it... :-(10422053_10154777537615694_6561336162784470066_n.jpg That was one of my biggest regrets. I think it was two years later I figured out it was for sale and my ex husband was threatening to buy it just to trash it. I got ahold of the guy I sold it to and told him Id give him his money back for it because selling it was a mistake. Thanks to one of my best friends we were able to buy it back! 12039343_10156120959970694_1669769101657638183_n.jpg Sadly the paint had been ruined and it ran worse than it did when I sold it but i was still happy to have it back.16832362_10158377510665694_9121577786067924896_n.jpg The current chapter to my trucks story will be in part 4. Thank you for reading.

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I like the blue better. Whoever painted the black didn't do a very good job. Congrats on getting your truck back.


I was very glad to get it back also. I think they sprayed it black (kinda) to make it not as noticable at night is my guess. I really liked the blue though.

upvoted you and resteemed and raised you to 43 rep. nice truck. i had a 2000 toy tocoma 4 cyc 5 speed and it was bad ass till the frame rusted out and couldnt keep up with welding it together constantly.

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Interesting story. Looking forward to part 4.

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