86 Toyota build part 4

in automotive •  3 months ago

Alright I was wrong this isnt the final chapter to the story. Shortly after I bought my truck back I had to replace the motor. 13600145_10157208638990694_4785001342203065431_n.jpg
13631642_10157208639555694_7491085740072038380_n.jpg I bought one out of a different truck at a junkyard and it had extra stuff I had to remove from it.13466445_10157116815540694_1714295595144623323_n.jpg 13435528_10157116815610694_4860525120788523963_n.jpg Upon further inspection I learned it needed new timing guides because they had broke. So I went ahead and did a complete tear down. 13419026_10157118398460694_6151274928640525097_n.jpg I finally got it all reassembled and dad and I got it reinstalled in the truck with its new weber carb conversion. 14600956_10157741264870694_8349958523465587365_n.jpg. Thats all for part 4. Thank you for reading. Part 5 will be coming soon.

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I always had to work with rented engine hoists that wouldn't wheel around much. That crane on a tractor would have been nice for me to move the engine around after it is out. I remember moving one engine around on my son's skateboard.

I couldn't find this image when I was writing this blog. My dad was a big help on my motor project. Wish he could be here to see it when its completely finished. I know he would be proud. 13615144_10157208639295694_5527338098393919678_n.jpg

so um my winch is in the basement waiting for ya.

Got to love a woman that not only wrenches but also can do an engine swap.


You right about that fastcat351c. I guess you get to make her a sammich and bring her a beer.

I know you still get upset sometimes with this truck, but you should be pretty proud of all the work YOU have done to it.


I am proud even if it can be a pyle. Lol. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

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