Hi @rajib2k5! You put in the initiative by getting up early and making your health a priority! That's a significant accomplishment and I, as a personal trainer, am all about rewarding that! #HighFive!

Now! Here's the thing... Any posts with more than 5 hashtags are not picked up by the #AutomaticWin (or any other for that matter!) feed. It must be hardwired into the Steem Blockchain...

If you would like to officially get recognized for an #AutomaticWin you will need to move the #AutomaticWin hashtag on your qualifying post to at the least the 5th position in order for it to appear in the feed where I can identify it.

If you can do this and let me know I most certainly will award an #AutomaticWin your way!

I hope all of this makes sense! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Oh! And I almost forgot... I probably should also mention... #AutomaticWin's are curated by manually by yours truly. What this means is I may not get to awarding an #AutomaticWin until later within the 7 day payout that the Steem Blockchain runs on. These day's my routine has been pretty steady however with #AutomaticWin's being awarded within 24 hours. Still! I just thought I should let you know how this part works!

Nice! Congratulations on your 1st #AutomaticWin @rajib2k5! 🙌

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Thank you! I created this guild for fellow Actifit users. If you plan to follow it, I'll add you as a curator on it.

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