Waymo begins by testing flight prices for its self-service taxi service

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Alphabet, Google's parent company, owns another subsidiary, Waymo, which operates on autos. This company has a full fleet of self-driving vehicles that are tested on public roads. The company ultimately wants to launch a customized taxi service that uses these self-driving cars. Waymo did not say what the price of its own self-service taxi service, but now began to test flight prices with the first passengers.

A recent report from Bloomberg says that Waymo is testing flight prices with first passengers as the company is approaching the launch of its self-driving taxi service in Phoenix.

The reporter's correspondents presented an exemplary example of the Waymo application for self-driving taxis, an application that has not yet been publicly disclosed. The application shows potential prices for trips, but Waymo said that the numbers mentioned are just random numbers placed there to fill the void. Prices seem to be similar to those in other custom-made taxi services like Uber and Lyft.

Waymo already has "different price models" under study, which is already confirmed by the company itself, but this shows that it has made significant progress to achieve its goal of launching the self-service taxi service. Waymo is expected to launch this Service later this year.