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Today, September 4, in Sweden, the long-awaited premiere of the electric crossover Mercedes-Benz EQC took place. The Germans dropped absolutely all the covers, so that every detail is known about the car - including the prices.

Exterior and interior Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC is the ancestor of a whole range of electric vehicles of the brand, which will be replenished with new models in the following years. So its design is made a little futuristic - just, with an eye on the future. This is especially evident from the front: here the "ribbed" falshradiator grille is underlined by a black glossy insert, and on the sides of it are innovative LED headlamps. In profile, the electric car resembles other crossovers of the brand, for example, the same GLC, although the rear post is littered with steeper, making it more like a coupe-like car park

The "stern" of the car is a continuous minimalism, based on "thin" lanterns with a narrow stop line and a spoiler on the fifth door. Behind the right side of the car you can find a hatch - this is the port for charging. By the way, pay attention, on the roof there are no traditional railings for SUV: they were deliberately avoided, so as not to damage the aerodynamics (the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of the body with dimensions 4761 x 1884 x 1324 mm was 0.30).

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz EQC is dominated by exquisite and high-quality materials: pink gold (!) Elements were used in the ventilation holes, and a metal "notch" in the spirit of the one used on "high-quality music amplifiers" on the front panel and door cards. In addition, the car received unique seats, plus one large solid screen on the front panel - this is both an assembly and a multimedia system. The volume of the trunk is 500 liters, which is 79 liters more than the above-mentioned GLC.

Specifications Mercedes-Benz EQC
In the movement of the new electric car Mercedes leads two motors: the one that is on the front axle is responsible for low and medium loads, and the engine of the rear axle is designed for heavy loads. In total, the engines produce 402 hp. and 765 Nm - this is enough to gain a mark of 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds. The maximum speed of 2425-kilogram novelty is 180 km / h (electronically limited).

But the power reserve of the electric crossover Mercedes EQC is 400 km - for a new realistic cycle WLTP, which came to replace the outdated NEDC. The capacity of the battery is 80 kWh.

A 7.4-kilowatt charging is installed on the machine, but for a surcharge there is a Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, which works three times faster than a regular charge. If this seems not enough, you can take advantage of the "gas station" for 110 kW - in 40 minutes it will increase the battery's electricity reserve from 10 to 80%

Price Mercedes-Benz EQC
The novelty will be produced at the Mercedes plant in Germany and at a joint venture (with a Chinese concern) in Beijing. The expected starting price of an electric vehicle is 80-85 thousand euros. In addition to the usual versions, you can buy a Mercedes EQC in the performance of AMG, which among other things will include a sports kit.

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