Diagnosis of atypical autism

in #autismlast year

The most straightforward expression is that my daughter has opened the veil of life. My daughter, who has reached the age of 4.5, has opened the veil of life for the first time. He started repeating almost the majority of the said words.


But for the first time, it's important to answer the questions! Which means I'm going to open the veil of life for me. When I asked what he wanted to eat, I got the answer for the first time.

It is impossible to describe my confused happiness in my current surprise. I'm used to talking to him for years and I'm used to talking to him was a real shock. And in our case, you can't treat heart with all our behavior under control.

Quick thoughts flow through my brain. Is that right? Or is it true? I have to tell your trainer about this, and you should try asking for motherhood.


The logic scale should always be in balance when love is gushing. Those who share the same fate with us will understand this very well. From this page I had the opportunity to correspond with a lot of people reaching me and my daughter.

There is no need to see their faces, we are hopeful people who try to create miracles in the same destiny. Any kind of information flow, experience is treasure for us. Because of the fact that we go through the stages where there are a lot of ups and downs, even a tiny word can make the parent stand up with his power.

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