Authoreon launches the A-ID, the World’s First Machine-Readable Optical Label on the Blockchain

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Existing optical labels, like barcodes and QR codes, only contain or link to centralized information about the item and aren’t optimal for authentication, decentralized and secure data storage, selective access, and tracing. For a long time, there has been demand for a web enabled barcode, but even the recently launched GS1 Digital Link standard cannot provide sufficient and tamper-proof product data, retailer authentication, original product verification, or a long-term traceability.

Authoreon developed the A-ID, the world’s first machine-readable optical label on the blockchain. The A-ID is a scanable code that creates a secure digital twin for products and identities, so users can verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity or asset – fast, seamlessly and securely on the Blockchain. The code generator and reader beta apps are now available for Android and iOS.

Among the first dApps to be released by Authoreon is the very first blockchain-based fingerprinting process for brands seeking to minimise counterfeiting of their goods – without the need of expensive and bulky REFID- or NFC chips. On a microscopic level, any surface has a unique structure, just like a human fingerprint. Even two evidently identical items out of the same batch differentiate in high resolution. Authoreon offers its customers - with luxury brands being the biggest target for counterfeiters – to take micro snapshots of pre-defined spots on every item leaving the production line and store it – combination with an A-ID – securely on the blockchain. For the consumer, Authoreon offers the Nanolense, a hardware extension for any smartphone, that is capable of taking microscans of any given surface and thus verify any product for its originality.

Furthermore, the two optical solutions allow the tracing of any item through supply and ownership chains throughout the full lifecycle of a product, which is especially interesting for upscale second-hand items on online marketplaces.

To complete Authoreon’s brand protection and consumer trust scope, the A-ID also allows brands to selectively authorize their retail by providing the retailers with a snippet, which they can then incorporate into their online storefronts. Retailers will then display the respective A-ID, letting customers know the brands that the retailer is authorized to sell, and display information showing that the products are legitimate and the attendant product data is fully up to date. This ‘Authorized Retailer’ badge will be displayed on the retailer’s homepage and at product category level. At the product level, an ‘Original Product’ badge will be displayed, illustrating that the product in question is unique, original and authorized for sale on the platform.

Authoreon enables brands to control who sells their products, and build a roster of trusted, authorized retailers selling provably original products. Brands will also have the ability, for the first time, to track and trace the lifecycle of products through the entire supply and ownership chain and gain valuable data. With new research showing that the global trade for take goods has reached half a trillion dollars a year, Authoreon’s versatile A-ID is an ideal solution for businesses falling foul of the fake goods market.

Chris Heinze, CEO of, said, “We’re seeing shocking numbers in terms of counterfeit goods, and we felt like something needed to be done. We have developed a powerful, very flexible system that benefits brands, retailers and consumers alike. Brands can track their goods to a very fine degree, retailers carry a badge of trust that lets consumers know they’re getting the real deal. It’s important for brands to be able to protect themselves against counterfeiting, as they lose a tremendous amount of money every year because of it. We’re happy we can build trust between retailers, brands and consumers, because everyone deserves the best protection possible against fraud, fake shops and fake goods.”

But it doesn’t end here, the company is actively working on applying the technology to other areas troubled by forgery, such as counterfeit money, fake passports and forged or stolen IDs. Which brings us to another use-case the A-ID was developed for: a self-managed identity. The biggest issue with your sensitive personal data is that you have absolutely no control over it. The average person has 90 different websites where all kinds of personal information is required. Authoreon will solve this problem by giving back full control over your sensitive data. With the help of a personal A-ID, you will be able to protect your data, to store them in one secure place and grant selective access to it when needed. This will also enable instant registrations, logins, checkouts and payments. It could incorporate voting rights and you will never have to stand in line at your local civic center again.

Authoreon aims to protect authenticity & trust by decentralizing Authorization, Authentication, Verification and Certification. The core technology will be applied to use-case specific decentralized applications (dApps) for companies, governments, and consumers. The company raised $1.5m during its token sale in 2017, developed its products ever since and is planning to release a broad spectrum of products over the next weeks and months. Authoreon also offers their own utility token (AUN) — currently trading on IDEX, Forkdelta and Etherdelta.


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