A Request To All Reposters To Help Promote Authenticity

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Authors should be required to mention that an article is a re-post of their personal blogs or otherwise. I have recently seen several cases where people are trying to pass off old content as new and original by misleading us. I am fine with authors posting their existing blog content here, but I think they should mention that it is such. 

A lot of new users have recently joined and some have been reposting all of their content directly from their websites with no mention of such, and in some cases, it has been promoted to us as new content specifically made for Steemit.



Wow, that's awesome, we can always use more beautiful and talented women around here to help promote Steemit. The only problem I have with this is the fact that you took these photos in May 2015. Are you a time traveler?

Source: Labeled for reuse

Unfortunately, this user is getting ever more clever, dating even to the latest post.   This time she deleted the archive of an original post that was wrote in May 2014. Luckily, Google still has this page archived and I was able to see what used to be.

Reasons like this are exactly why we must be ever more vigilant in promoting the right content. Honest content. As a member of @steemcleaners I can not stress enough how important it is to not only the platform, but to us as the community, to ensure that what's being endorsed is legitimate, worthwhile and deserving.


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I'm curious if you might have more thoughts on the etiquette of posting non original content, or perhaps a link to a post that discusses it more in depth. I'm currently building out my own webcomic site to launch shortly and I'm mainly interested in using Steemit to announce and mirror content that will be found there. To my mind, Steemit is an alternative source for a fanbase to follow someone if they choose to, over Facebook, Twitter, or other means. It also acts as a hybrid of these types of networks and funding initiatives such as Patreon or Kickstarter. However it doesn't replace a dedicated website for hosting, displaying, and organizing content.
I'm incorporating links to Steemit in my site, and could see occasionally producing content that would be exclusive to Steemit to help drive traffic and new followers to the platform.
Is there a growing consensus on what is considered a "cheap use" or abuse of Steemit when promoting yourself on the web?


Yes. There are many established authors here who are able to profit off of reposts, they are just sure to include the original source so their integrity isn't brought into question.

All you have to do is be honest about your work around here.

Still honesty is the best policy.

Well it's still their content though, at least they are not plagiarizing others.

But I agree, they should not double-earn (double spend attack?) on their existing content. Put something new for Steemit, put the effort at least!