Wander Vlog: The Best Coffee I Ever Had Was in Oz!

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(Most) Coffee here in the Philippines sucks. I know I'll get a violent reaction from some proud fellow Filipinos but let's face it, we're so much into "3-in-1" aka instant coffee and Starbucks. The few good coffee here is difficult to find in the metro.

There was only one coffee I enjoyed and that was Vietnamese coffee. And I have found another contender on my personal "best coffee in the world" - Australian coffee. I haven't been to other countries so the winner might change ;)

I guess it's also because I was working there that I got to try their coffee and I didn't regret it. Campos is everywhere but my favorite was the one from Manly. I wasn't able to get the brand but it's the one with the "Hey good looking" print on the cup - it's in my video.

A colleague in Sydney told me that Melbourne coffee is better. I would love to try that one day!

What do you think is the world's best coffee?

PS. Sorry it's December now and I'm not yet done editing my videos. I hope you don't get tired of my Australia posts. I still have 2 @dtube vlogs and maybe one more blog about Sydney. It's a wonderful city and there's a lot to share :)

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Your story isn't uncommon. I hear it's not actually that hard to get coffee in the Philippines...there are even some farms that grow coffee beans...but most places have instant. You just have to actually look for the coffee beans or coffee from beans that's brewed correctly. Americans like coffee, but most of ours is pretty bad too. Not instant though. That's only in certain places, like hotel rooms.

I myself like good cheap coffee. I carefully shop around for coffee that I like that isn't expensive. The real crazies need fresh beans of particular rare varieties. Well...no...the real crazies like beans taken from feces. Some that are really into coffee go to a lot of effort and expense to get really good beans though. That might be really hard to get in the Philippines, but I imagine if you shopped around a bit, you could probably find places that sell some pretty good beans. Just probably not everywhere.

I heard that there are good beans from the Mountain Province and somewhere in Mindanao. I found one at a day market but they sell it at a ridiculously high price. Anything they find to be good here will be sold at a much higher price than their real value. And it's not the farmers who get the profit but those greedy businessmen.

We do have cat poop here too - coffee alamid/ kopi luwak. But way too expensive and I found a video that shows them locking up the cats. I tried it in Bali years ago before learning about the conditions of the wild cats :/

I would never try it. People are fucking nuts. I have no intention of eating something processed through an animals digestive track.

I wonder if all the good-ish coffee beans are so expensive. I saw pictures of coffee beans at markets when I was considering moving there. I would imagine there have to be at least some that aren't exorbitantly priced.

There are plenty that are overpriced here. $15 for a small bag is quite common for many overpriced mediocre coffees. I prefer somewhere around $2.50-$6, but not like crappy normal stuff, just cheap, but good.

Considering the cheaper cost of living and income, it should be possible to find at the very least similar prices, if not possibly slightly more expensive. But, with the lower cost of living, plus the fact that I don't drink a ton of coffee, even a bit more to get a good coffee would probably be worth it.

The Bucket List movie inspired me to drink cat poop coffee lol

Maybe the expensive coffee here is still cheaper relative to the US prices. If you go to the areas near these farms I'm sure you'll get it cheap. Then just brew it yourself.

That's really easiest anyway. At least when you're not out of the house all the time. Especially if you grow to like a morning coffee before work.

I saw your video and it gave me cravings for a good cup of coffee and eat a sweet.. It seems that it is cold in the place, or there is a lot of wind

Thanks for watching! It was cold there, I filmed this in August during winter but the hot cup of coffee was enough to give me warmth :)

I think it's so funny
That you had a coffee vlog about not really liking coffee
I have to try this coffee the next I am there
Thank you for sharing your day with us :D

Haha yes coffee wasn't in my list when I went to Oz. But it was so good, I loved it :)

You must try Lavazza, simply the best! It is Italian coffee and it never fails to impress!

Thanks for the suggestion! I also heard Italian coffee is good. I think we have a few Lavazza here in Manila when I searched. I will try it when i get the chance. :)

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