Wander Vlog: Where I Spent My Last Night in Sydney [Last Sydney Vlog]

in #australia2 years ago

Finally! I'm on my last vlog about Sydney. Not that I don't like vlogging about it but this series has been overdue as I could edit one video in a week or more. I actually love reminiscing about it and will miss even the tedious editing haha.

In this @dtube video, I'll show you where and how I spent my last night in Sydney. You might even see what I'm like under the influence of alcohol ;)

It was a Friday night but not a lot of bars are open after 1am. They also have a 1:30am lock out where you can no longer enter a bar after this time. You can stay inside the bar until it closes but just don't go outside because they will not let you in anymore.

I find this interesting and this may be the reason why I see drunk people as early as 6pm! :D Any Aussies here, kindly confirm. Ta! :)

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