& We are back after the HF20 holiday!

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Well, it was a nice little break from the usual rhythm of things, but as usual all nice little holidays come to an end and it is off to work we go again!


www.steemaustralia.org shall catch up on all the latest crypto and Steem news out there in the coming days, so keep an eye out for new posts on our web page.

Remember all our news and updates are posted on https://steemit.com/@steemaustralia too, so anyone can follow @steemaustralia on the Steem blockchain. If you are not yet on Steem, go open up an account via https://steemit.com


During this weekend we shall be looking over the posts that Steemians have written as a part of our monthy contest:



For those entries that don't win last months prize of 15 Steem, their entries shall roll over into October (this month).

Remember, anyone can enter and you can enter more than once, just choose a different topic from the topics listed:


a) How you promote Steem on the internet or elsewhere, (apart from/not including posting on one of the front end apps hooked up to the Steem blockchain. i.e. not on Steemit.com or Busy.org etc.),


b) How you believe Steem can be promoted by any of us Steemians to help Steem go to the moon,


c) How Steempress can make Steem go to the moon,




d) Do a promotion about one of the front end apps i.e. Busy.org, Dlive, Steempeak etc etc etc


GO 4 IT!


Further on, for all Aussies out there who are on Steem and for those who are about to get onto Steem because lets face it, Steem RULZ!


Don't forget to check out @teamaustralia

An Aussie community which hangs out on Discord (a fantastic chat service)

A great bunch of people, making Steem great in ways that only us Aussies can!

So, yeah, we are more than active on Steem already and the members of Team Australia will be there to help you get onto your feet once you register and start checking it all out!



Likewise, PROMO-STEEM has been moving along and making things happen.

Two of the founders of PROMO-STEEM have teamed up and started up a Witness Campaign!

Check it out:


( https://steemit.com/@oracle-d)



Definitely an interesting endeavour!


Don't forget to check out what all our Aussie Witnesses are up to:

(in alphabetical order)



@comedyopenmic (50% Aussie owned: @idikuci),

@cryptwo (aka @juicy-shark),




and @thekitchenfairy



So much to say with only so much text that a person can handle before falling asleep!


So on behalf of www.steemaustralia.org, wish everyone a great weekend, don't forget, in the coming days there will be numerous posts with all sorts of interesting news and updates!


yours truly

@jackmiller (witness)



Steem Ambassador



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