Australian’s Cryptocurrency Holdings Triple in 2018

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"Number of Australians holding cryptocurrency triples since January despite market plunge"

Was the title of an article posted on .

It was all about a survey of 2000 people by Finder-backed brokerage firm HiveEx, in which it stated that around 13.5 per cent owned crypto in August, compared with just 5 per cent when the same study was conducted in January.


They also found that the reasons for ownership vary:

50% investment,

34% "fear of missing out" (I guess this is kinda "investment" too),


26% saving it for retirement.

What was interesting is that over one third said that they were planning on paying their taxes with their cryptocurrency!

80% said they would use cryptocurrency regularly for day-to-day purchases if it was as easy to use as Australian dollars!


Read the full article at:



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