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The romantic myth of Australia is just that. You know what I'm talking about. The irreverent, rebellious land of Ned Kelly and Crocodile Dundee where “women glow and men plunder”. Where everyone gets a fair go and hard work is rewarded.

If that land ever existed, it has long passed.

In its place is a land of docile semi awake sheep gladly accepting the forced diet of corporate spin and lies, supplied by the United States, Britain and a ragtag bunch of media sycophants and spineless politicians who have embraced the Globalist model of the world.

When you dare to question the official line on anything – you are marginalised and branded as either racist, extremist, a kook or worst of all, a conspiracy theorist.

Australia is docile, compliant and easily manipulated. It is the very essence of a vassal state, subservient to its core and content with the occasional pat on the head from its master.

It is ripe for the plucking. In fact, aside from a brief period in the seventies and the occasional odd moment of clarity, it has been methodically plucked and harvested by the powers that shouldn't be since Federation.

Our soldiers were viewed as expendable by the British in World War 1 and Churchill would have allowed Australia to fall to the Japanese in World War 2 if it weren't for Curtin's dogged insistence that portions of the 6th Division return to defend Australia. Since the 2nd World War, we have dutifully followed the United States into battle every time we have been asked to do so. Our press and politicians have led the charge to support the United States on every occasion. Dissenting voices have been neutralised, scorned and accused of being treacherous.

We seem to be incapable of thinking for ourselves.

Our entanglements with the USA and Britain are so conflicted that we are simply unable and unwilling to put our interests and our people first.

The five eyes program, Pine Gap, AUSFTA and the ANZUS alliance and our continued recognition of a foreigner as our head of state all serve to neuter Australia's independence and place foreign interests above our own.

The willingness of Australia to enter into these agreements says much about the Australian psyche and an insecurity that has been used to corral it into a subservient corner. When you couple this with limited Mainstream Media outlets all focussed on cheering on the arrangement rather than examining it you have a situation where the vast majority of the population never thinks twice about what's going on.

Consider the following information that has seeped into the public space and then quietly been throttled and buried.

  1. A former Prime minister, none other than Labour icon, Bob Hawke, spied on the then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam for the CIA. Hawke was seen as a potential future PM and used as an asset. To the best of my knowledge, no one within the MSM has ever thought to ask if the CIA ever let Hawke go, or he remained their asset throughout his Prime-ministership.
  2. Whitlam's government was considered a threat to the United States and “a kind of Chile” was set in motion, resulting in the overthrow of the Whitlam government using the reserve powers of the crown.
  3. MI6 were bugging Whitlam cabinet meetings for the Americans
  4. In 2007, Australia's subservience and acquiescence to Dick Cheney when he swept into town was cringe-worthy in the extreme.
  5. Our willingness to follow the USA into Afghanistan and Iraq without question was frightening. The cheerleading of the MSM in these ventures was propaganda in the first order. Australia's media is still unwilling to question the decisions that were made at the time. Indeed, “quality” journalists like the ABC's Leigh Sales still fawn over these “statesman” as they”defend their legacy.” Frankly it's sickening.
  6. Australia consistently refuses to stand up for its own citizens when the Deep State of the USA wants to play with them for a while. Consider for a moment, the case of Julian Assange. He is an Australian citizen. He is a publisher of material that he believes to be in the public interest. He has continually embarrassed the CIA and various elements within the United States political structure. He is holed up in an Ecuadorian embassy in London, fearing extradition to the United States. The Australian government and media couldn't give two hoots in hell.
  7. Australian politicians appear to have very cosy links with establishment elements within the US political structure. For reasons best known to Australian Government officials we continue to write very large cheques to the Clinton Foundation. A former Prime minister , Julia Gillard has been appointed chair of the Global Foundation for Education ( a Clinton Foundation initiative) and failed politicians like Beazley and Downer inevitably end up being appointed ambassadors to the United States where they unashamedly lick American boots.

I could go on and on. The list is endless. The terrifying thing is that the Australian people don't care. They live in wilful blissful ignorance. There will be a sporting contest on the weekend. There's beer in the fridge and there'll be another dose of second rate American entertainment hitting our screens soon. What's to worry about?


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