When my work ends, the work starts...But I love it!

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My working day is done for another Thursday and it’s time to go to work! Say what?! I guess what I mean is my day job is over and my part time after hours work is just beginning.

I’ve arrived at the cattle farm I work on and have just hiked up some moderate-grade hills to a spot where I’ll wait out some feral pests. It’s been a nice day of about 25 degrees and is just about perfect here at the moment with clear blue skies and a hint of breeze to keep me cool.


The time I spend up here, whilst very important to the farmer from a cost-reduction point of view, is like my alone time, my recharge. My wife won’t come up here with me whilst I’m working as she finds what I do distasteful and so I’m mostly here alone and it’s such a peaceful time. It’s been a dry summer here and the property is awash with golden grasses and the silver-grey of the gum trees. The creek has dried up and whilst the two dams hold water the entire property is quite dry.

Still, it has its own beauty I guess. For me it’s the lack of humanity. Here I could be the only person on the planet. No talking, no phones ringing; There’s simply bird calls, the crickets, occasional cow and of course the feral pests I’m here to shoot.

The summer is over and the property will green up soon; It always amazes me how quickly it browns off and and then comes back vibrant green with a few showers of rain. It’s a beautiful property now and when it’s green is even better.

So, I better get to work I suppose. I’ve been sitting here waiting for the sun to dip to the horizon. I always get here early so I can relax a little prior to the work starting and it’s getting to the point where I’ll need to focus on the job at hand.

Wherever you are around the world I hope you manage to find your little quiet spot and recharge as well.

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Great Story. I love hunting, be it for deer and moose, or coyotes and gophers. Predator hunting is key not only to the farmers with cattle, chickens, etc but also for herd management of the deer in your area. Some of my best times were in the bush. You can really relax, and ground yourself in the beauty of nature. Hunting or not, I think we all need those moments in nature.

I couldn’t agree more. There’s something basic about being in the bush hunting, or just sitting there being at one with the planet. Thanks for your comments @zoltrix, much appreciated.

That sounds so peaceful. I like getting out into nature and enjoying the solitude of it. No one else around and you can feel the quiet. Have a great night and good luck.

This is where I was sitting writing this post. Doesn’t get much better on a Thursday afternoon in March...


Wow, that's gorgeous! Wouldn't have been mad about that!

Yeah, it was nice. Stayed well after dark too. It’s all different in the dark...More spookier. I think I just made up a word. spookier. :)

I could imagine it being spooky. Get some lights out and watch your back. At least you're armed.

Yeah, it’s the one time I’m allowed to legally carry. Still, I reckon it’d Freak me out coming across another person. :)

I imagine you had to go through a lot of work to get the permit.

Just simply badass.

Any success?

Yeah, I got a few. Was after dark though so quite hard work. Shooting whilst holding a spotlight and trying to stalk at the same time...Not that easy.

Haha, you know I am quite envious of you and your afterwork job! I think it's great that you get there early enough to write a post before the work begins. Hope it went well for you. Seriously though, do you get paid to do this "work"? That's awesome.

Hi @myhuntingfishing thanks for your reply. I don’t always write a post up there, sometimes I have to get right to work...Sometimes I have a snooze. So relaxing!

I do not get paid to do the work actually however I’m happy with that arrangement. I have access twice a week every week and have the run of the place on those two days. I also get to shoot anything on the property except the cattle and horses and can take the meat if I wish, which I do most often. It’s like having my own property but not having to pay for it. A good arrangement. The pests are deer, kangaroos, foxes, hares and rabbits. The property owner is licensed to shoot roos on the property (which is a requirement) and I’m the registered shooter as the owner has no guns. It’s a good arrangement.

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