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G'Day Steemians!
It's me! Good old Blinky Bill, your favourite 90s cartoon character! I'm here to serve up a little Aussie outback love!
My creator @nathenial set me up to help out minnows transition into the Steemit Platform.
I have been noticing a lot of new Steemit users ask for upvotes and follows on other platforms such as facebook and youtube.

It pains me to see so many new users frustrated with the slow rate of upvoting and returns on their posts.

So, being the true blue Australia icon I am, I want to let them in on a little secret.

  1. Community - Firstly and most importantly, on Steemit... community is key. You will progress and evolve much faster if you join or form a community.
    The best place to look for this community, in my opinion, is MSP. They have a Discord channel for anyone who wants to chat as well as an awesome free to use Upvote Bot who can help kick-start your post. Once there you will be able to see why a community is so important and how it can help new users grow and share their content to more people.

2. Use your Steem Efficiently - This one is something that sounds simple, but until you understand how Upvoting and STEEM works, you really cant manage your account efficiently. I suggest everyone learn how Steem works so they can prepare their own strategy to maximise their own success. Everyone is, of course, different but I want to share a few points that I recommend looking into.

  • Don't Upvote immediately. If you are wanting to receive curation rewards upvote somewhere around 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Make sure your upvoting every day, but don't upvote more than 10 times. This way you are maximising your curation rewards but not reducing your Voting Power.
  • If you post a lot of content, dont self-upvote! Delegate your Steem to a free bot and use them to upvote your content for you. You will get a much higher return on your upvote and because your deligating your STEEM will always belong to you. Many communities will offer a free delegation bot to help users out. If you dont yet have access to one of these bots @blinkybill is offering a free delegation Bot for new users.
  • Comment on posts you like but always be authentic. Getting someone to Upvote your posts can be really hard, but saying something thoughtful and nice on a post you like will almost certainly get you a friendly upvote.
  • Dont spam, or abuse Steemit. You may have noticed a reputation score next to your name. It starts off at 25, if it drops too low you will become invisible to users and no one will upvote a user who's reputation has been tarnished.

3. Upvote Bots - This point here is one that is quite often debated. A lot of users dont like the idea of bots and automated upvoting. Others however are using bots to maximise their good contents reach and exposure. It goes without fail, that if you post stolen or horrible content no number of bots will save you from a whales downvote so dont even try. Use bots to maximise the reach of good content only. Most importantly, try not to use upvote bots that require you to pay something. They are really common and in most cases due to their popularity will only slightly increase your investment. I insist that users look at delegation bots instead as they are free to use and often reward users much more over the long run.

4. Curation Trail - If you dont have the time to curate others posts, sign up to a trusted curation trail like @blinkbill so even when your not online you can trust your upvotes are being put to good work earning your curation rewards. CLICK HERE to join my Streemian Curation trail.

5. @blinkybill Deligation Bot - To make sure your posts get a well deserved kickstart, @blinkbill offers a deligation bot service to users who want to delegate a large portion of their STEEM POWER to @blinkybill in return for unlimited upvotes in return. The Delegation bot will only upvote the proportionate amount that you designate so make sure you delegate as much as you can (make sure to leave 15SP though). Combined with @blinkybills STEEMPOWER and all the deligated STEEM POWER your upvotes will be substantially higher than if you were Self-Upvoting.
In order to do this you can use the deligate tool here. Just enter your username in the Delegator ID, then Enter blinkybill in the Delegatee and the aount you wish to deligate. I suggest you leave at least 15 SP in your account to maintain bandwidth.

So that concludes this post and i hope it helps all these new Steemit Users.

Until Next time.

BlinkyBill out, Extraordinary!

Upvote, Follow, Resteem


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Great tips for use steemit users.

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