August Approaching!?

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Is this a two street? We will find out coming August 1, 2017 which is couple hours from now. Since 2009 Bitcoin as always been a one way street, now it appears it's going to split into a two way, a mirror image of Bitcoin. The core problem with Bitcoin as it is, the mb per block size, speed of transaction, high fees and security. Developer's know it has to change, its necessary to keep up with other platforms or it will eventually become irrelevant. So we are here now with disagreements amongst mining pools and developers, as a result each is own, you go that way we go this way.

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I am not sure how this Bitcoin drama is going to play out. It will be confusing for most of us to adopt to these drastic changes including myself. We all wonder why this was not decided years ago as Bitcoin was already growing rapidly. Eventually splitting into two BTC and BCC will change everything with bitcoin as we know it. This split is kind of similar to Ethereum and Ethereum classic. I must say I was not sure about this until now, this split looks inevitable right now. This leads us to what will the value of Bitcoin be, what will the value of Bitcoin Cash be in August? All of this we have to wait and see.

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I read you post and I hear you ! its a roller coaster - gotta ride that wave x

Thank you for reading, I appreciated your feedback