The reality of Augmented Reality

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Please excuse the pun,

but lets get real about augmented reality,

understanding that we need faster data flows,

to power the technology for our mobility.

Which brings us immediately to 5G mobile networks.


I have just been (quickly) researching the upgrades to data over the 5G mobile spectrum, to find that the iPhone 8 Plus model A1864 has 39GHz frequency reception capability.

Technically, the 5G mobile network will be broadcast on 28GHz and 39GHz.

If your mobile phone can receive those frequencies, there is a chance that it may be 5G compatible.

I am doing more research into this, to see if we need to upgrade or not, but it appears that the iPhone 8 Plus may be compatible.

Updates on this later.

Accessing 5G will make your mobile phone speeds faster than the best LAN connection.

For Australians, that means it will be better than NBN or fixed broadband.

What this means to devices, is that we will soon have even more mobile platforms and readiness for AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality).


This means that we will get updates to GOOGLE and APPLE MAPS to be able to navigate INDOORS THROUGH SHOPPING CENTRES and have a fluid, informed, directed, seamless customer experience to find anything.

You will walk down the street and be advised when you have arrived at that hard to find location, without a door number.

You won’t just have a quantitative, numerical experience, you will also go on a date at a new location and be able to take your date to the qualitatively, romantically perfect location, making an informed decision, as if you had lived in that town your whole life.

That will be life changing for many people.

Making it easier in daily life.

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