Audio Podcast: Spotify coming to 85 countries (including Zimbabwe), the good & the bad (mostly good)

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Yesterday we were greeted with the news that Spotify is coming to Zimbabwe as part of its 85 country expansion. This means that those VPN warriors will now be able to listen to music on the popular streaming service without the cloak and dagger.
We have a couple of Spotify diehards among us and we thought we would talk about what Spotify coming to Zimbabwe might do.

  • What is so good about Spotify anyway?
  • For hardcore fans and people who like nice things its a victory. But what does it mean for those who have never experienced it?
  • What will this mean for local artists and rights holders?
  • Data is a big concern for anyone approaching music streaming for the first time. Could Econet, Telecel and NetOne create a streaming bundle much like they should have created a unified messaging bundle for WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal?
  • If MNOs do make a streaming bundle, will that reduce piracy?