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Bidding on most Auctions starts at $0! The final price determined solely by the buyer (bidder), not by the seller - that means that here no hidden reserves! Get ready for amazing deals on WeigRate.com, it is possible to win products for up to 98% off retail price. Say goodbye to boring online purchases and crowded malls. Let us introduce you to the new concept of penny auctions and find out for yourself how much fun entertainment shopping can be. Bring some excitement to your shopping—feel the thrill of real Auctions. You can earn free bids, spin the wheel get the bonus. Unlike other auction sites, here you can find a list of any tiems - original, branded new, refurbished, all items are posted by their owners and not by Weigrate Ltd team. You don’t have to worry about long shipping times, either. All packages from WeigRate.com are delivered quickly by reputable carriers, all payments  are secured, every member of auction is  safe and protected by Weigrate Ltd Team and agencies. 

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How to for Bidder - https://www.weigrate.com/page/how-to-for-bidder

How to for Buyer - https://www.weigrate.com/page/how-to-for-buyer

How to for Seller - https://www.weigrate.com/page/how-to-for-seller

Create a product & Post Auction - https://www.weigrate.com/page/how-to-post-auction

Money Back - https://www.weigrate.com/page/money-back

Post Auction - https://www.weigrate.com/page/post-auction

Affiliate - https://www.weigrate.com/page/affiliate

Contact - https://www.weigrate.com/contact

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