Auction Finds - Random Stuff, As Always!

in auction •  10 months ago

General auctions are by their very name, well general, and if you are a general dealer, there is no limit as to what you can buy! And then resell!!!

This is the largest camping stove I have ever come across. It is almost knee height, and very beautiful. I always think I ought to be keeping this stuff for the (societal collapse) but unfortunately I need to live in (society now) and have bills to pay.

On a lighter note, this 1970's retro push ashtray is pretty cute.

Vintage pencil sharpeners are a surprisingly popular collectible!

And bean slicers are useful as well as decorative. They last forever too!!!

This glass stove top kettle was really lovely and I was pleased that a friend of mine bought it.

I really love this Jade bracelet, but it doesn't fit me, so I am hoping to find it a good home.


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Welcome back! Although I'm not a smoker, the retro ashtray is kinda cool. I'm always a sucker for a bit of colour. I know what you mean about keeping things in case there's no power, or whatever, but space is always at a premium around here.


Thanks @kiwideb I'm struggling a bit with motivation, things are pretty blah, but I just have to kick myself in the backside!!!

I like that big stove and the glass kettle!
The glass kettle is very special!
I still use my old pencil sharpener!

Hope the weather is not too cold for the cats!


Nope, they all just climb on the bed with us, except my daughter's cat! We have to remove 2 before we sleep otherwise we can't move, and I always feel so bad. They go sleep with my boys then. Smokey stays with us. My husband has started taking Smokey in the car with him, like a dog!!!


Hahaha! Very funny! So Smokey has to double as a dog too! I hope he will do a little bit of barking to surprise everyone.
Your husband will need a higher seat in his car for Smokey!
It sounds like you are all being looked after by your cats!!

Hope your ok, haven't seen you around :)


Hey, was feeling a little low for a bit, but I'm getting better now! Thanks for caring!


Sorry to hear that hun but know what its like. Always here if you want a chat. :)

Hey! More update on Smokey please!
Yesterday I renamed my friends’ cat to Smokey!! He has very similar colours but much darker. My friends called him ‘Monkey’ but I wouldn’t allow that.
He was very fond of me and let me see what was the matter with his paw. He was limping on three legs. It’s his nail, nothing was broken. So I told my friend to bring him to the vet and to have him neutered too.

Hope you are well with all the cats!!
Keep warm!


I am glad you are encouraging your friends to sterilise their cats, it prevents so much suffering! I took my camera home to take photos of the cats, but I was busy with auction stuff on the weekend!

I had to laugh at one of my other cats, the black & white one, Andy last night. We only allow Smokey to sleep with us, because if all the cats climb on the bed we can't move, they are fat! I let them lie on the bed until I go to sleep though. When I was ready to sleep, I took Andy out the room and closed the door. It wasn't even 5 minutes and he had gone all the way outside, and re-entered the room through a high bedroom window.

After all that I didn't have the heart to take him out again and close the window!!!

I hope you and your cats are keeping well.


This Andy is a very clever cat!! He would become an engineer had he been a person and went to college! His calculation of the structure of the bedroom was perfect!

I hope that I would not let my cats get too fat!!
Glad to hear that you are quite occupied by your work. It means there are lots of movements in the trade.

This is the time to recharge my batteries and catch up with my sleep!

Things will move faster next month.

All the best!