Afternoon at Aceh Beach!

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Afternoon at Aceh Beach!

Hello everyone!

This is what my post looks like this afternoon, on the beloved Hive platform. Where in this afternoon the weather allowed us to take an afternoon walk. I say that, because Indonesia as a whole is currently entering the rainy season. So, a bit of a drag to the usual afternoon activity.

However, this afternoon is a dry afternoon so it is very suitable to see the nature around us. And this afternoon I chose the sea as the object closest to where I live so that everything is well coordinated according to plan.

Then, what I found this afternoon on the beach is a portrait of the life of the people who live and make a living on the beach. They are small fishermen who have been evicted from the sophistication of the times. But they still live with enthusiasm and survive in the midst of sophisticated fishing gear around them.

As authentic evidence can be seen from the small boats without engines that they use. Such boats are rowed with all their might into the sea to cast nets or fish in the traditional way as if modern times had not touched them.

So, what caught my attention about the wooden boat without the engine and the fisherman? What really caught my attention apart from the view with the beautiful twilight colors, is when the boat crosses the waves, the boat rises above the waves and then descends when the waves break so that those on the wooden boats must really be able to balance, their boats without tipping over. It was a great and terrible moment in my opinion.

Here are some more photos with the same moment but different chronologically.





Always happy to share about nature around me and the things that are closest to me in the hope of giving something beautiful to all of my friends.

Stay grateful for the blessings of life today, whatever the shape and color.

Love, Seha76!

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