Attrace ICO Review- Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform ?

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What is Attrace ?

Attrace was founded mid 2017 by a bunch of Publishers (site owners) and Merchants that chose to solve once and for all the difficulties with the recent Affiliate Marketing ecosystem. These seasoned internet marketing professionals are the heart of their Attrace team, supplemented by finance and blockchain experts.

Attrace is the first completely decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only within this industry with an entirely custom made blockchain construct from scratch and completely open network capable of enrolling and auditing any advertisement click on chain. Affiliate marketing is payment based on sales achieved, a $13Billion market with substantial trust and tracking issues caused by middle man Affiliate Network. Attrace solves all of trust and monitoring issues, reduces fees with ~95% + instant market share in 2018.

Attrace re-invents Affiliate Marketing: The Attrace blockchain solution makes the middleman in Affiliate Marketing (the Affiliate Network) obsolete by establishing a direct connection between Merchants and Publishers.

Current Affiliate marketing problems

aff problems.PNG

The current Affiliate Marketing ecosystem has significant problems that are undermining its use and

High Fees

Currently, Affiliate Networks charge on average around 10-25% on total commissions generated; in some
cases this can even go up to 45%. On a market size of $13 Billion this adds up to between $1.30 - 3.25
Billion of revenue that is paid out to the Affiliate Network.

Fraud problems

In the current market, Publishers are always confronted with the question if traffic/sales numbers are manipulated or real. Merchants or Affiliate Networks could assert the traffic failed to land or lead to a purchase,
maintaining the commission to themselves. There's not much transparency supplied by the Affiliate Networks
and there are no way of validating or auditing actual traffic/sales achieved.

Slow and complicated Obligations

Presently it is normal practice for Publishers to be paid by the Merchants weeks or even months
Following a purchase has been closed. These delays are caused by slow payments in the Merchant to the
Affiliate Network, followed by slow payments of the Affiliate Network to the Publisher.

No real value payments

In Affiliate Marketing the commission payments rarely differentiate between different leads. This means fees are
Detached from their actual value rather than being subject to factors such as time of day, geolocation,
Demographics, visitor behavior or lifetime value (LTV).4
Another challenge is the Way to arrange commissions
In conditions where more than 1 Publisher was to some extent accountable for a click/referral
That converted into a sale.

No direct communication between Publisher and Merchants

Even if a Publisher is generating millions worth of earnings for a Merchant and the Publisher is the most Important revenue channel to get a Merchant, the Affiliate Network is obviously in-between. Direct Communication would assist both Merchants to enhance the layout of their advertisements and Publishers Optimise ad positioning, leading to improved overall conversion.

Tracking and attribution problems

Many achieved clicks/referrals will never be allocated to the right Publisher due to imperfect software
that is unable to handle all situations (e.g. buyer uses different devices). This is exacerbated by the
numerous technical issues that Affiliate Networks always seem to be dealing with.

The Attrace Solution using blockchain

solve aff.PNG

Dramatically reduced fees The 10-25% feel amount on commissions generated will likely be radically reduced to an expected range of 0-3%.

No longer monitoring and attribution issues Via the Attrace Network, each individual click/referral will have a unique ID, while it's a sale or not does not matter, allowing both Publisher and Merchant to have complete transparency and reliable monitoring and attribution of the campaign's performance. This guarantees the authenticity of every individual impression at all times. Furthermore, with Attrace the Affiliate Marketing attribution evaluation can be significantly enhanced. As an instance, via Attrace a Merchant may decide to check a particular advertisement with its subcontracts for any irregular behaviour (executing a deep data audit analysis).

This leaves Merchants and Publishers with no means of validating or auditing the traffic/sales achieved. By contrast, the Attrace referral connection info outlined in 2 above can't be manipulated and can be accessible through the blockchain ledger for the Publisher and Merchant to view. This means committing fraud will probably be impossible. Additionally, the Attrace network creates traffic/sales/conversion information, which will provide valuable reputation statistics about Merchants and Publishers.

No longer delayed and complex obligations The Attrace network avoids Publishers needing to wait for their payments by easing instant commission payout. If approval of the sale from the Merchant is required (e.g. insurance products), Attrace will implement an incentive for the Merchants to review a sale whenever possible (reductions subject to acceptance and payment period). Via Attrace the payment process won't only be faster but also less complicated due to the entire automation enabled from the blockchain (adjusted rules coded to the sub contracts). Not having to wait for weeks on commissions earned will be another match changer for Publishers because it'll avoid cash flow issues. Furthermore, as Publishers are big advertisers themselves, this money flow improvement should stimulate the whole online advertising and marketing ecosystem.

However this is not a real choice as a result of rather static technical setup of the present ecosystem. Via Attrace, the smart contracts attached to every individual click/referral can fully facilitate very exact definitions and dynamic pricing. Moreover, this principle covers the idea of shared obligations, meaning the Attrace smart contracts will allow for allocation and registration of the commissions earned between multiple Publishers if they were to some extent accountable for a click/referral that converted into a purchase.

Attrace Comparison to others

compare to other.PNG

Why Attrace Is Unique

Attrace is the sole affiliate marketing blockchain project that monitors and features every individual click/referral of a prospect, purchase or no-sale, which means statistics and insights that are impossible to manipulate.

Attrace is the only affiliate marketing project with a completely dedicated blockchain built from scratch (in Golang from Google), it's not a fork of anything. All other initiatives are using ETH which we consider in practice is not going to function (network rate issues, very high running costs, and operational risk).

Attrace is a fully open network where all users can monitor at all times all enrolled clicks/referrals/leads/earnings of all advertising.

Token Details

Token: ATTR
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ATTR
Total amount to be sold in Pre-Sale and Main Sale: 50% of total token issuance or 500,000,000 ATTR

Pre-Sale Parameters:

Pre-Sale Dates: 21.06.2018 — 05.07.2018
Sales Volume of Pre-Sale: 200,000,000 ATTR
Hard Cap Pre-Sale: $5,000,000
Bonuses: The bonus is 40% in the main sale
Private-Sale Price: 1 ATTR = $0.025 (bonus included)
Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.1 ETH

Main Sale Parameters:

Main Sale: 12.07.2018 - 06.09.2018
Sales Volume on Main Sale: 300,000,000 ATTR


The bonus is 20% for first 75M ATTR, 10% for second 75M ATTR, 5% for third 75M ATTR, 0% for last
75M ATTR of the price in the main sale

Price on Main Sale: 1 ATTR = $0.029 first 75M ATTR, 1 ATTR = $0.032 second 75M ATTR, 1 ATTR = $0.033 third
75M ATTR, 1 ATTR = $0.035 last 75M ATTR

Minimum Buying Transaction: 0.02 ETH


Private sale: USD 1,000,000
Pre-Sale: USD 5,000,000
Main Sale: USD 9,698,864
Pre-Sale + Main Sale: USD 14,698,864


Private sale: USD 500,000
Pre-Sale + Main Sale: USD 2,000,000

Token Allocation

token allocation.PNG

Fund Dristribution



team 1.PNG
team 2.PNG
team 3.PNG
team 4.PNG
team 5.PNG
team 6.PNG

Useful Links


P.S. This is not an financial advice. Always do your own research before investing in any project. Long live the BLOCKCHAIN :D

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