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E-sports prominently known as Electronic sports is a type of online game rivalry that utilizes video games and it comes in various structures like Multiplayer video game, single player video games and that's only the tip of the iceberg. E-sport industry is an extremely vigorous industry however larger part of this industry works on centralized system which doesn't appears to be reasonable enough. In this article, I will examine about a momentous worldwide E-sport platform prevalently known as ATTN.

ATTN has been in presence for certain years and has gain notoriety and enormous client base over the world. It is evaluated among the biggest worldwide E-sports eco industry in South Asia with a worldwide client base worth in excess of 25 million dollars. ATTN centers around building the world most prominent E-sport platforms and rebuilding the worldwide e-sport platform by integrating blockchain technology to help general operational efficiency, straightforwardness and encouraging progressively worldwide appropriation of decentralized E-sport.

ATTN will expel all obstructions related with the current traditional centralized system in the worldwide E-sports ecosystem by decentralizing the whole system. It is no uncertainty ATTN will in soonest time become a multi-billion dollar e-sports organization. By decentralizing the ecosystem, ATTN will turn into an all inclusive platform where any client independent of their nations, status and national currencies will have the option to utilize the platform .

For the most part in centralized set up, there are confinements to cross more extensive financial activity and this hindrance will restrict the quantity of likely clients. The Decentralized methodology embraced by ATTN will break the boundary related to payment henceforth drawing in huge clients to the platform . For this situation, clients will have the option to buy in to various games of their decision as well as bet games with ATTN Cryptocurrency .



ATTN is investigating the universe of blockchain to help their operational efficiency, offering best clients administration and growing the extent of the activity of its ecosystem. As we as a whole realize Decentralization is the way to future. Blockchain has made a decentralized reality where each resident of the world can interact, transact together and get things done in like manner. The methodology actualizes by the group of ATTN will separate bunches of existing obstructions between the customary gaming system and blockchain based gaming system. Blockchain will empower ATTN improve straightforwardness, convenience more extensive client and accomplishing worldwide inclusion. Integrating blockchain technology will improve the whole gaming ecosystem and bringing down clients experience limit. As a current e-gaming platform with more than 25 million client base, another thoughts and advancement that will supplants the ever existed ones in blockchain gaming ecosystem will be presented by ATTN.

As referenced before, ATTN has been in the field of E-sports since 2016 and has manufactured an exceptionally solid generosity and a great many clients certainty. ATTN has excessively rich assets , ,abundance of encounters and points of interest in the customary game players, traffic, CP and web casters.In the future, the organization will step by step relocate their player pool, traffic pool, CP and web casters in a blockchain. The ecosystem plans to manufacture an exceptionally adaptable and made sure about blockchain organize which will empower clients everywhere throughout the world have the best e-gaming experience and expanding the estimation of E-gaming and E-sports individually. Another vital partnership and investment was additionally made by OK Strategic Cooperation investment Agency k42 and Laboratory.


  1. E-SPORT ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM: ATTN has built up the world first expert e-game matchmaking platform, holding E-sports begin matchmaking game, holding game altering difficulties and more in South East Asia which covers wide scope of game matchmaking gaming administration. These incorporates: (CS and DOTA ) e-games, QQ Casual games

  2. E-SPORT LIVE STREAMING SERVICE: This administration permits results and timetables of the worldwide pro athletics completely highlight in the platform . E-sport is the premise of the gushing and it drives huge deals from Youtube, Tock , HUYA , DOYI, Twitch, WeCaht, Tick, Tock, Kuaishou and that's just the beginning. It covers DOTA2, CS, GO, LOL and Strike of Kings.

  3. PREVIEW AND DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM: ATTN has a powerful platform committed for E-sports ,the organization extends blockchain game help distribution through surveys , it intends to offer game designers an open source platform where they can alter, advantage, share thoughts and grow together.

  4. ESPORT EVENTS AND QUIZZES: ATTN gives the best offices where clients can picked the best odds.Based on the platform Smart agreement ,any class of client can take part in game speculating in a reasonable and straightforward way. Clients are offers paid substance to support their speculating .More than 100 Professionals in the platform offers clients with best game outcome expectation and investigation administration and information support.


ATTN offers extreme Solution to the boundaries in regular E-gaming platform through blockchain arrangement. ATTN is appraised among the biggest worldwide E-sports eco industry in South Asia with a worldwide client base worth in excess of 25 million. ATTN centers around building the world most prominent E-sport platforms and rebuilding the worldwide e-sport platform by integrating blockchain technology to take care of some serious issues in the industry.

ATTN is immense E-sports platform, it is exceptionally extraordinary contrasted with all at any point seen blockchain based E-gaming platform. IEO of ATTN token will happen whenever from the period of July 2020 and insights regarding it will be declared to general society. Watch out for this and don't botch the brilliant chance of putting resources into the best blockchain undertaking of the year. Be a piece of something gigantic.

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