Why attitude is more important than IQ

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Psychologist Carol Dweck spent his entire life studying attitudes and performance, and her latest analyzes show that a person's attitude can better predict whether we will be successful, unlike IQ, Business Insider notes.

Dwek has discovered that the nucleus that triggers the attitude of the people is divided into two categories: a fixed state of mind or a mood inclined towards progress.

Mood is when a person simply thinks "he is who he is" and that this can not be improved even with effort. This vision of life usually creates problems for people who adopt it, because when they are in a situation of crisis management, they will have the impression that they are too much to bear for them, and this will make them he feels hopeless and overwhelmed.

On the other hand, people with a mood inclined towards progress believe that they can become better if they make an effort in that direction. They are more performing than those with a fixed mood, even if there are situations where those inclined towards progress have a lower IQ. They accept the changes, treating them as opportunities to learn something new.

Experience has taught us that those who have the ability to be intelligent will inspire confidence, which is true, but this only happens when the journey is easy. The decisive factor in life is how well we manage the obstacles and challenges.

According to the researcher, success is only related to how well we manage failure.

"Failure is information - we label it simply as a failure, simply, but it is more than that. That's not the way I'm going, I'll try to solve by another method because I'm a problem solver, "explains Dweck.

You can find yourself on any part of the chart, you can make changes, and you can develop a mood inclined towards progress.

The scholar also noted some tips that can help a person move from a fixed state of mind to one inclined towards progress.

The first expert's advice is to not give up if we have a failure and reminds us of Walt Disney who was fired from Kansas City Star for "she had no imagination or good ideas", Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job a TV presenter in Baltimore because he was "too emotionally involved," and Henry Ford had two car companies that failed before they were successful with Ford vehicles.

Another counselor's advice is to follow our passions. There will always be someone who has more talent than we, but the lack of talent can be replaced by passion.

It is also important, according to Dwerk, to look for the strength to take action to get where we want. People with a mood for progress succeed in life, not because they are courageous, but for them they know that fear and anxiety paralyze emotions, and the best way to overcome this paralysis is to take action.
Source IQ, Business Insider