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How to get to what they want the water festival
This time, Maine 0 except for the things that are a symbol of what would be available without sleep for my love .. Be sure to read another article: P
Introduce Thingyan essential Everything must be Waterproof then amid will not fade

  • In the first three days, milk creams
  • Sunblock or Sunscreen creams and neck creams
    Use * Waterproof Foundation
  • Foundation Introduce pounder (on select Coverage BB Cushion immediately wanted to avoid)
  • Use Waterproof Pen draw eyebrows
  • Eyeshadow Palette Matte * Lipstick first color, red lips Hockey fallen also reserve Matte Lipstick Blending close near the red lips and used to use the same Eyeshadow
    By using (Matte Lipstick Eyeshadow easy fast break like lipstick can rest on the eyelid)
  • Blusher Bronzer as possible to avoid Powder Type Cream Type
    If you use * Eyeliner Pencil in a pair of spread all fall short of the Soft Pen market 2 Gel Pencil Type (on the brand's strengths and weaknesses I need to know depends)
  • Introduce the face with anything, even if the bright colors of red lips are beautiful, it can be filled on a regular basis In addition to color, the color of the bag, bright color ion Jesse window to go short of the red lips Kham and easily change a couple
  • You must never forget the anger
    useful for other Sharing love
    Have A Good day*: image

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