Roger Waters of Pink Floyd slams Modi, Calls CAA a Fascist-Racist Law | Delhi needs your concern.

in #atrocities4 years ago (edited)

While this part of India is calm and soothing, enjoying the Rose Fest, the news coming from Delhi is disturbing. A lot is going on in there and the casualties are increasing rapidly. Muslims are being attacked, trashed and killed by the Hindutva gangs. The Holy places are being attacked viciously and families are living under extreme fear for being uncertain about their lives.

It's a time when we all need to stand up and raise voice (at least) for the people who lost their precious lives in an undesirable situation and fight against the fascist Modi government which is letting this happen without taking ANY action.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters recites Amir Aziz's poem, 'Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega'

Although many have showered their support for the victims from all over the world but the government isn't budged and is paying no heed to the situation. Humans are losing humanity and unfortunately the victims are the humans themselves. Hope and pray that everything settles in there and there are no further casualties and may the peace prevail. Hope that the suffered will be provided the security they need and the justice they deserve and the murders, rather "terrorists", be put behind bars - sentenced to death.

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