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Atoms are live on the ION blockchain.

  • Withdrawals and deposits active on ionomy Exchange.
  • Stay tuned to learn about new utility ionomy is adding for Atoms!

Withdrawals and deposits

ionomy Exchange has activated Atoms withdrawal and deposits, so users can now transfer their Atoms token balance to an ION blockchain wallet.

Unbreakable Atoms

Originally, the word "atom" meant a particle that cannot be divided. Of course, now physics teaches us that atoms can be divided into smaller bits like electrons, gluons, and even "charm" and "strange" quarks. On the blockchain, Atoms are true to their name. They only exist in whole numbers. You can't send less than one Atoms token.

On ionomy Exchange, however, you can buy, sell, and hold fractions of Atoms. But if you want to withdraw Atoms to the blockchain, you'll have to do it in whole numbers.

Token-aware wallet

The ION "Electron Wallet" is coming! Electron is a modern programming framework that allows rapid application development across platforms. ION Electron wallet leverages this exciting capability to deliver an elegant alternative to the standard ION Qt, starting with a beautiful UI and the ability to send and receive ION tokens. You'll be able to see all token balances (including Atoms (ATOMS), Dark Matter (XDM), and Electrons (ELEC)), with more exciting features rolling out in automatic updates.

Token-aware explorer

You can track the movement of tokens on the ION blockchain by using the explorer at The tokens tab displays additional information about each token.

New use cases

ionomy Exchange is about to reveal a new use case for Atoms. This new functionality combined with Atoms' scarcity should make things interesting. There are only 100,000 Atoms in existence. ionomy hosts ATOMS markets with BTC and ION trading pairs.


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